If we look at how little warehouses and other self-storage facilities charge for their services, we see that they use two systems. They either charge by the number of lockers or spaces or by the square or cubic foot of the space. It is crucial that every customer calculates the size of the belongings they are storing because it will dictate the price. Here is how you can help them by getting a storage space calculator to your website.

What are the benefits of getting a storage space calculator?

When choosing storage management software for your business, it is crucial to get one that includes a storage cost calculator. This feature helps your customers easily find what they are looking for. Here are the most important benefits to consider.

TIP: Speeding up the process of calculating the total cost will positively affect the client and speed up the conversion.

The 3D view helps with the item arrangements

When a customer uses the calculator, they get to see the storage units in 3D view. They also get to arrange their belongings and visualize how everything fits in the unit. The item picker lets them select every item they want to store inside. It also displays the length, width, and height of the object. If the unit is too small or too large, they will instantly know. This helps with the decision-making process and makes it easier to find a perfectly-sized storage unit.

Furthermore, they can also save the layout and use it when they start storing their belongings. This helps because they don't have to memorize how all the items fit together. The customer can instead simply open the bookmarked layout and match it.

The storage calculator supports multiple languages

This is an essential feature. If you have customers from other countries, they can switch the calculator to their language. This little detail will improve the overall customer experience and give you bonus points in their eyes. Furthermore, if you are planning to start your second facility and expand internationally, the language feature is a must.

TIP: All moving and storage companies that wish to become international brands need a multilanguage option.

The calculator also has the booking feature

When talking about software that improves your business, it is crucial to focus on efficiency. The storage calculator has a nice feature that allows the customer to book the unit immediately after doing the calculation. This option saves time for your clients. After they do the math, the clients do not have to look for the option to book the unit. It's already there.

Furthermore, the booking feature also increases the conversion rate. If the client does the calculation but leaves the booking process for later, they might change their mind. This way, you are taking them directly to the booking page and securing the conversion.

The calculator inventory has many options

The inventory of the calculator supports 40+ items you can find in any home. This is an important feature. You need to provide the option for any item that the customer wants to store. If they start doing the calculation but cannot add half of their items to the app because they don't exist in the inventory, they will look for something else.

Beat your competition by adding this phenomenal option

The moving and storage industry is rapidly changing. According to the economic impact study of the moving and storage industry, over 7000 moving companies are operating in 13,900 locations all over the United States. The industry has had many effects on the economy, and every company should do its best to stay on top.

With that in mind, a cost calculator for storage is also a tool that will help you provide better service to your clients. The customer usually has to measure all of their items, add the values together, and try to calculate the price independently. This is a manual process that takes a lot of time, and it is prone to errors.

With automated software for cost calculation, you remove all of that manual work and speed up the process. Your clients will love you because of this feature.

Attract more clients with this amazing feature

If we look at all of the benefits of the cost calculator, we can safely say that this feature will help attract more clients to your self-storage business. It all comes down to offering exceptional service and making it easy for the customer. The calculator shortens this tedious process and even makes it interesting. It looks like a game in a 3D environment, and your clients will use it all the time.

TIP: The moving and storage industry is changing, and all companies need special features to up the game and attract more clients. Features like this one are that extra step that nudges the clients in your direction. It really shows how you care about helping them pick exactly what they need.

They won't have to worry about miscalculations anymore. Finding the right-sized storage unit is just a few clicks away. Booking a too small or a large unit does not only waste time but also money. Your clients will be happy to know they picked just the size they need.

A storage quote calculator makes life easier for your clients

Let's do a quick summary of the most important benefits of the cost calculator for storage:

  • the awesome 3D view helps with visualizing and organizing items for storage;
  • the bookmark features capture a snapshot of the furniture layout for real-time storing;
  • the app supports multiple languages, which improves overall customer satisfaction and allows expansion to international countries;
  • the customers can directly book the unit after the calculation without having to switch the screen;
  • the inventory of 40+ different house items makes the use of the app straightforward;
  • adding this feature is an excellent way to stay ahead of the competition;
  • attract more customers and increase conversions by implementing the calculator to your website;

The benefits of getting a storage space calculator are many. This is a worthy investment for your business. It is a small change that will make a massive impact on the future of your company.


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