People have diverse reasons for needing storage units. Some do it for extra space, others for protecting valuables, and there are those who wish to de-clutter their home. One thing is certain, there are certain belongings that require extra care when handling them, and artwork falls into that category. This article will discuss different and practical ways of packing and storing fine art.

How To Properly Pack Fine Art

Before we go over what you need to do in order to properly store fine art, we shall look into packing. Now, it is quite important that you understand that proper packing is tremendously important . You cannot hope to safely store your art unless you first pack it in a proper manner .

You need to be careful and attentive when packing and storing fine art.

Packing Supplies

The first thing that you will need to do is to get packing supplies. When it comes to packing and storing fine art, only the best packing supplies will do.

You can risk using subpar packing supplies for cheaper times or for a local relocation. But, when it comes to storing fine art, you need to utilize only the best of the best. Therefore,head on to a DIY store or to your local movers.

"head on to a DIY store or to your local movers.”

There you will be able to find all the packing supplies that you will need. Keep in mind that the boxes you get need to be able to contain both the piece of art and the necessary padding and wrapping. So make sure that the size is right.

Cardboard Or Plastic

Are cardboard boxes the right choice for packing and storing fine art? This question has been asked many times, and all that we can tell you is that it depends on the art . As you might imagine, a large painting requires a different container from a small porcelain statue.

"Use Cardboard Or Plastic to pack the art”

As you might imagine, a large painting requires a different container from a small porcelain statue. And, while plastic containers are generally safer and sturdier, cardboard boxes come in more variant shapes and sizes. So, knowing that you need to pack your art safely, our advice is to use plastic containers when you can and leave the cardboard boxes for the rest.

It is generally a better idea to use plastic containers for smaller, fragile statues

Packing Procedure

Proper packing guidelines are not terribly complicated. Yet, a surprising number of people ruin their items simply because they do not follow these simple guidelines. So, pay close attention to the following steps in order to properly pack and store fine art.

"The 4 steps to pack fine art: clean, wrap, pad and place in the box”
  1. Cleaning - Do not store your art unless it is perfectly clean. Remember to use mild cleaning product for your art, as you do not want to ruin it while cleaning.
  2. Wrapping - Wrapping your art is absolutely necessary before packing it. You first need to put a protective layer of either cotton or paper around it. This will help protect your art from any moisture. Then you need to put a plastic wrap around it and tape it up firmly. This will further insulate your art and guarantee that it is protected from any weather conditions.
  3. Padding - Padding is there to protect your art from physical impacts. You only need to put your padding around the item and make sure that it doesn't move freely. Do not place your item in a box until you are sure that the padding material will stay put.
  4. Placing in a box - Finally, you need to place your item in a box. The box you choose for your item needs to be big enough to contain both the items and all the wrapping and padding around it. But, it should be so big that the item can move around freely in it. So, you need to find a box that is just the right size. This can be tricky, it is absolutely necessary for safe packing.

And finally, Tape up your box and label it carefully. Then make sure the label is clearly visible so that anyone handling the box will have little issues doing so.

Finding A Good Storage Company

Finding a good storage company is not easy. But, it is necessary if you want to store your artwork and not worry about it afterward. It is usually a good idea to consider companies that deal both with moving and storing . Such companies can not only help you store artwork but can also relocate your business facility with ease and move to a faraway place . This is because they have the necessary equipment and skills to deal with such projects all by themselves.

"Find storage facilities that offer moving and storing.”

Contact your storage facility in order to learn about their services

Keep in mind though, that hiring a company that deals exclusively with moving is no mistake . Just make sure to check the online reviews that the company has.Use sites like Google and Yelp in order to find unbiased reviews. If you find reliable, modernized storage providers, you can even rent a self-storage unit online.

How To Utilize A Storage Unit

Once you find a decent storage company you will need to figure out how to utilize their storage units. A good storage company will describe to you in necessary detail all you need to know about their units and how to use them

"Be familiar with storage units before you talk with storage providers.”

But, it doesn't hurt if you are familiar with storage units before talking with your storage providers .Self-storage technology has progressed quite considerably over the years and you need to be up to date in order to use it properly.

The Final Tip For Packing And Storing Fine Art

Even with the proper advice and equipment, packing and storing fine art will not be easy. Artwork can be quite fragile, especially if it’s a couple of centuries old. Furthermore, it can be quite expensive. Now, there are numerous ways, besides proper packing and finding good movers, with which you can make your storage units safer for your artwork

" Artwork can be fragile, but with proper packing you can store it safely.”

But, mistakes and accidents can always happen. This is why you will be smart to get special storage insurance for your art . You will need to get a professional to evaluate your items so that you can get proper insurance for them.

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