In the ever-growing world of technology that we live in, people seek for solutions that are simple, secure and that saves time. We do find that the storage world has emerged a lot since the past few years engulfing the same technology solutions, it’s grown to a state wherein storage facilities are unmanned and often managed remotely.

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This huge transition reflects a smile amongst tenants as they are given the freedom and the space they’d need when looking for a storage unit. We find tenants renting units from websites, e-signing rental contracts, making payments online, configuring their desired gate access codes and much more.

Your Options in the Market

One factor that worries storage owners the most apart from dealing with Delinquency is Security, mind you that there are many options in the market for both tough built and highly advanced gate security systems like,

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Models that embrace Complexity and Simplicity

Controlling the gates just got a lot easier thanks to the convergence between software and hardware, it gets a lot more better with the cloud integration. Your choice always relies on your needs, but there’s nothing wrong to be aware on what’s available in the market these days. There are dozens of gate access and keypad features available, such as:

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  • Bluetooth proximity readers
  • Mobile entry apps
  • Wireless or wired keypads
  • Touch screens
  • Key card access
  • Pay-at-the-gate options
  • Two-way intercoms
  • 100% cloud-based integration

The features they offer could be quite extensive but always seek for what’s needed for you, even better keep in mind to install a side gate for pedestrians, which allows tenants to enter on foot without going through the main vehicle entrance; It’s the smallest of changes that often sets us apart.

Make sure your Management Software communicates with the Gate systems

When talking about Storage Management Software, a lot pops in our mind as they’ve become a part of the storage business and serve to help both operators and owners to better MANAGE – TRACK and REPORT real time data. Things get even easier when your gate systems could communicate with them seamlessly, making the experience of tenants much more comfortable and to their choice.

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Most storage software’s do integrate with various gate systems and the scenario wherein you are to configure the gate codes, it’s often to be a random code generated by the system automatically. Each software offers explicit unique solution to the same, but none give the option for the tenant to choose his own gate code.

We’ve had many tenants struggle with remembering the codes as they could be a complicated series of numbers or merely just random digits. Customer experience is always valued the highest in relation to Business growth and having said that creating a user-friendly experience for your tenants with your online presence is much of value to consider.

Our Breakthrough Solution

We’ve been serving the storage community for the past three years now as a Software Vendor, creating change in businesses that helps both operators and owners in Streamlining operations, to Manage, Track and Report real time data in the facility from anywhere anytime.

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We’re most preferred amongst the small and medium storage facilities for our Small Packed solution at an affordable price of $29.99/month and nothing more, regardless of how many units you may have or locations.

Having a clientele of both mom and pop and established storage franchises, it created many opportunities where suggestions from clients turned out to be the best of features in our software. We value them more as they have been ever supportive in our growth through these years. It was such a request that led to our discovery towards a solution to help our client and even more create a better experience for their tenants.

Quite a lot of our clients are using PTI security systems for their facilities and as we are seamlessly integrated with them, things got much easier to lay out a plan towards better communication with the gates. As like any other software vendor we also do give the option for online rentals to tenants, but we just took that a step further wherein you get to configure the gate codes you desire.

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