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Pros & Cons of Manned and Unmanned Storage Facilities

27 Feb 2023

Manned and unmanned storage facilities feature their own sets of pros and cons, but no matter your preference for managing your facility, 6Storage can help.


Why Your Self-Storage Facility Needs a Website

26 DEC 2022

You might be wondering if your self-storage facility needs a website. Take a look at how we break down all the reasons why that's true.


7 Ways to Increase Prices without Losing Your Customers

25 OCT 2022

Here are the best ways to increase prices without losing your customers. Learn how to handle unsatisfied clients and protect your business.


6 Reasons to Make Your Storage Business More Sustainable

03 AUG 2022

Today we are going to cover the main 6 reasons to make your storage business more sustainable so that you can make it grow..


How to Choose the Right Gate Access Control System for Your Self-Storage Facility

04 JULY 2022

We will talk about choosing the right gate access control system for your self-storage facility.


How to Find a Suitable Marketing Agency for Your Self-Storage Business

12 MAY 2022

Learn how to find a suitable marketing agency for your self-storage business. Find out how to prepare for the interviews and what to watch out for.


How Much Does it Cost to Build a Storage Facility

29 MAR 2022

Want to find out how much it costs to build a storage facility? Here's how to calculate these costs no matter where you live.


How to Create a Lease Agreement for your self storage business

10 MAR 2022

Self storage lease agreements can be complicated. Not everyone knows the ins and outs of a lease storage unit contracts, though. While there are many contract experts who can help. Learning the contract requirements your business deals with can only benefit the company.


10 Best Self Storage Software of 2022

15 FEB 2022

Here are the 10 best self storage software of 2022. Find the right solution for your business, and improve customer service.


8 Storage Facility Amenities that are worth Customer’s Money

07 Jan 2022

Let's talk about the storage facility amenities customers will pay extra for. Know what your clients want, and improve their experience.


The benefits of getting a storage space calculator

25 Dec 2021

Here are the most important benefits of getting a storage space calculator. Add this feature to improve your business and customer experience.


7 Mistakes to Avoid When Purchasing Self-Storage Software

02 Nov 2021

Let's take a look at the seven mistakes to avoid when purchasing self-storage software. Know what you are buying with your company resources!


How to compare self-storage facility management software?

12 Oct 2021

Here is an efficient guide on how to compare self-storage facility management software. Know what you need and get it right the first time!


How to identify your self-storage facility’s target market?

16 Sept 2021

If you pick a broad target, you will never be able to focus on providing quality. Here is how to identify your self-storage facility's target market. Know who your targeted audience is and define your business as well!


How and when to start your second facility?

06 Sept 2021

Often facility owners consider the success of the first facility to be the winning factor to proceed to start a second storage unit. But there are many other factors to consider before deciding to create a second self-storage unit.


Importance of Social Media for Self Storage Business Owners

16 Aug 2021

Find out how great the use of social media for self storage business owners can be. It can make your business more successful than it ever was.


How and when to increase your storage rent?

26 JUL 2021

Many factors owe to an increase in rent for space- it could be finding a proper space, understanding the market, creating a demand, and even setting prices. The major question that remains a mystery to many owners is understanding pricing strategy.


5 top traits a self-storage manager needs to have!

05 JULY 2021

Running a self-storage business is not easy. One must showcase excellent skills and knowledge to stay at the top of the game. Today, we cover the top 5 traits a self-storage manager needs to have. Improve yourself, and improve your storage business!


What are the benefits of CRM in the storage industry?

03 JUN 2021

Let's explore the benefits of CRM in the storage industry and see how to use them to promote quality service and satisfy customers.


How to Attract More Customers to Your Self-Storage Business?

08 MAY 2021

Attract more customers to your self-storage business with our most efficient solutions. Here is how to introduce innovations to your company and increase conversion rates.


The benefits of Self-Storage for your business amid the pandemic

27 APR 2021

Self storage can help your business during these trying and uncertain times. You may not realize it, but it can help your business during these trying and uncertain times. This article outlines the benefits of self-storage business amid the pandemic.


How to Choose Self Storage Management Software?

02 FEB 2021

Running a storage business has never been easier, both in terms of profitability and efficiency. Here’s few tips on how choose storage management software that will fulfill all your operational needs.


Active vs passive investing in self-storage

19 JAN 2021

Deciding between active or passive investing in self-storage boils down to how much effort you want to invest in it. So, which one should you opt for, and which one is going to pay off? Well, that is what we are here to explore.


Tips on How to Store Things in Winter at Home

1 DEC 2020

Storing our seasonal things is one of the most important projects during that time of year. Renting out a self-storage unit for this purpose is a great idea. However, there are many items that you can store at your place as well.


4 Traits customers look for in winter storage units

27 OCT 2020

Many businesses struggle during the winter, and the self-storage industry is no exception.


Winter Storage Tips for Storage unit

11 SEP 2020

It's a commonly known fact that your stored items are susceptible to damage once the temperature drops.Our winter storage tips can serve as a great starting point.


Most common problems faced by self-storage owners

6 AUG 2020

Never stop thinking about how to improve the self storage business, and how to prevent it from crashing down. This article addresses common problem faced by self storage owners and guide them to understand how to focus on important aspects of your business.


How online channels will become the primary way consumers find self storage facilities

4 July 2020

It seems clear that online channels will become the main way people find storage facilities. Before thinking about how online marketing channels will shape the self-storage industry, we have to think about how lead generation worked for this sector in the past


Benefits of offering outdoor storage units

18 June 2020

Offering outdoor storage units may seem like an odd idea at first. Since you already have the storage space, why not properly cover it and offer regular storage units, right? Well, not quite.


Importance of having contactless selfstorage rentals during emergencies

23 May 2020

The current global health crisis has compelled many companies to speed up their digital transformation. An otherwise slow, gradual transition is taking place practically overnight because companies have no other choice but to quickly adopt digital solutions that will help them stay in business


How can virtual estimates for self storage give you an advantage

11 May 2020

Running a storage-oriented business during a global pandemic is more challenging than it sounds. Drastic times require drastic measures, and everyone is looking for ways to improve their business and keep it running


Self-storage Marketing strategies during COVID pandemic

28 April 2020

The novel COVID-19 pandemic has affected businesses worldwide. Massive panic and social distancing rules certainly didn't have any positive effects on the economy. And sure enough, the storage industry wasn't spared, either. Self-storage owners are now going through a crisis that could very easily have long-term and negative results


How to handle the COVID-19 crisis in the self storage business

09 April 2020

Check out the tips that will help you to find out the effective measures that needs to be taken during the COVID-19 crisis time.


Ideas for building your selfstorage brand

31 Mar 2020

Have a look at the ideas that will help to improve your brand awareness to have a successful self storage business.


When is the ideal time to raise the storage costs of your self-storage facility?

18 Mar 2020

Have you ever tried to know the best time to raise your storage rents. Check out the ideal time to increase your storage rental cost of your self-storage facility.


Benefits of providing temperature controlled storages

5 Mar 2020

Find out the benefits of offering temperature-controlled storage in your storage facility. When compared to normal units temperature controlled units are much beneficial as it generates more revenue to your storage business.


The Importance of Self Storage Management Software

17 Feb 2020

Technology has brought numerous changes in the ways we do storage business. Introducing self-storage management software in the storage business equals high productivity, better control, improved efficiency, and, eventually, much better customer experiences. Understandably, these are the critical qualities if you expect to stay ahead of your storage competitors and gain high revenues and numerous chances for improvement and further development.


Tips to maintain your RV boat storage

2 Feb 2020

First you need to know what RV boats require in order stay intact to in a storage unit. Because even a simple oversight can easily lead to damaged property and ruined storage units. Then you need to know how to organize your facility so that you can properly maintain your RV boat storage. Making a mistake in either of those cases can be quite costly, which is why we will go over in necessary detail below.


What's the pros and cons of online auction vs on-site auction

23 Jan 2020

Attending an auction can be an amazing and exciting experience. This mysterious world of bidding, selling and buying can even be addictive at times. There you can find collectors of all sorts as regulars. There are two types of auctions you can attend, an online auction and on-site auction.


Renting storage units to non-profits

09 Jan 2020

There are many ways your storage business can help people around you. Supporting non-profits and charities is not only an act of kindness but it’s also beneficial for your business. You are under no obligation to rent storage units to non-profits. But, if there is a cause that is close to your heart, consider helping an organization in need.


Importance of Insurance in Storage Facility

31 Dec 2019

Every successful storage facility owner agrees that having the right insurance coverage is the best way to protect your storage business. In this fast-growing industry, new facilities are popping up every day thanks to a high demand. Over the past two decades, the self-storage industry has seen a considerable rise. Although profitable and rewarding, owning a storage business involves various risks. Unfortunately, many facility


Starting a Self Storage Facility - Quick Tutorial

27 Dec 2019

The lack of storage space in homes and offices drives business for self storage facilities which help people in need of extra space to store their items for rent. People rent storage units of different sizes for various reasons, some of which are listed below. What we want to emphasize here is that each one of those self-storage facilities is a business.


How to Protect Your Storage Facility Against Storms

17 Dec 2019

Storms are one of the most damaging acts of nature. Alongside floods and earthquakes, they can cause massive damage in a matter of minutes. Some of them even caused deaths, with the deadliest one being the Great Galveston Hurricane in 1900.


Know the usual Storage Rental Disclaimers

10 Dec 2019

If you are about to start renting storage units, it’s important to understand the storage renting contracts carefully. If you are the one looking for a place to store your items, it’s essential to understand the storage rental disclaimers, since they decide on the type of services, fees, working hours, safety, etc.


What You Need to Know Before Acquiring a Storage Facility

21 Nov 2019

Whether you are looking for storage to store your belongings, or you are a storage owner, there are plenty of things to consider while acquiring a storage facility. This article will give you some insight on the important aspects of acquiring a storage facility.


Benefits of introducing cold chain warehousing

08 Nov 2019

Introducing cold chain warehousing and becoming a part of that niche is all the rage, but is this market all that it’s cracked up to be? In this article, we’ll explore the interesting world of cold-chain warehousing, and what it brings to storage facility owners in terms of business opportunities. Take a look at our analysis below!


Importance of Referral Program in Storage Facility

31 Oct 2019

When it comes to marketing your business, you should consider every tactic available. The importance of placing a referral program to promote your company and gain new clients in the storage facility industry can't be measured. No matter the type of service you are trying to provide your clients with, when it comes to marketing - there is nothing that works better than one client recommending your brand to another one.


When is the perfect time to open a storage facility

22 oct 2019

When it comes to opening a storage facility there are numerous things you have to look into. You need to have an idea of who your local clients are and which storage type will serve them best. And, you need to figure out how to present and offer your storage services so that you can compete with any local storage facilities.But, the one thing that can make or break you is picking the right time to open your facility.


Self-storage eviction 101

15 oct 2019

You might've never even thought that a self storage eviction was a thing, but it is. Just like a tenant can disobey the rental guidelines of their apartment, the same rules may be applied upon a self storage paying tenant. As a paying tenant, you are renting out a space that someone else owns. Therefore, it is of great importance to comply with the rental agreement of the self storage facility you are using.


Everything you need to know about self-storage contracts

04 Oct 2019

Unfortunately, it is not rare that storage facility owners come up with contracts that are written in such a confusing language that tenants have a hard time understanding what's written on the contract. Making sure that a self storage contract is adequately written will go a long way toward eliminating any misunderstandings, as well as allow landlords to protect their self storage facility from lawsuits to some degree.


How to protect your storage facility from lawsuits

19 Sep 2019

When you get into the details on every single industry, you’ll find that there are quite a few details to think about. For example, when we talk about the running of a storage facility; the operational logistics and bureaucracy can be quite overwhelming. And one of the things owners of said facilities sometimes forget about is - you need to protect your storage facility from lawsuits.


How to stay ahead of your storage competitors

12 Sep 2019

These days, no matter what industry we’re talking about - the field is pretty crowded. And that means one thing; the companies who are most ready to adapt to changing circumstances will reap the highest benefits. But staying ahead of the curve isn’t easy, especially when it comes to the effort to stay ahead of your storage competitors.


The appeal of offering mobile storage solutions

6 Sep 2019

As a storage facility owner, your goal is to provide the best possible service for your customers. The more options you provide - the better. From the length of the contract and the size of the units to offsite and onsite storage solutions - the more needs you can accommodate, the more happy customers you will have. As mobile storage solutions


Guide To Dealing With Abandoned Self Storage Units

21 Aug 2019

Every storage owner's worst nightmare is finding out that his or her self storage has been abandoned. And, you do not know what is worst - having self storage that is unpaid for or having self storage that is still full of somebody's stuff. When this situation lasts for months, it can turn into a big problem. You have to be careful, as you are either dealing with a delinquent or somebody who had deliberately abandoned their storage unit


Common myths about self-storage

8 Aug 2019

Whether you're a potential tenant who's interested in renting a self-storage unit, or you're an owner of such a unit, it's good to be aware of all the common myths about self-storage. Potential tenants will learn that some of the things they heard aren't actually true. Learning the facts will eliminate some of the unnecessary fears you may have


How to do self storage marketing for your self storage facility

30 July 2019

Storage facilities' owners are running a business that deals with a service that is always in demand. People will always need a place to store their things in. Still, this doesn't mean that there's no need to promote a storage facility. On the contrary, good marketing is very important if you want the customers to choose your services over the services of some other company


How To Pest Proof Your Self Storage Unit

19 July 2019

Self Storage facilities are vulnerable to pest infestations – how come?

As unbelievable as it may seem, the storage facilities you offer to clients are highly vulnerable to pest infestations. This is due to several reasons:


Tips for maintaining your storage facilities remotely

12 July 2019

The self-storage business has seen exponential growth in the past ten years. If you are considering starting a storage business by opening a storage facility and maintaining it remotely, first and foremost, you need a good plan.


How to improve on-site security of self storage units

7 July 2019

Now a days, more and more people turn to renting some kind of self storage facilities, either when moving or for commercial purposes. And, thieves and vandals see self storage facilities as an easy target. Theft and break-ins are the two things many self storage owners fear the most. So what can self storage owners do in order to improve onsite security of self storage facilities?


Short-term vs. long-term Storage - Which pays off more

28 June 2019

Short-term vs. long-term storage? It's safe to say that there's not a universal answer to this question. It all depends on your preferred style of doing business since both are good for different situations. First, it's important to determine what your needs are, in order to decide which one would pay off more. We can offer a couple of tips on what kind of storage would suit both you and your wallet best.


Tips For Increasing Storage Rental Value

20 June 2019

Storage spaces have been more in demand than ever. They might be one of the most important commercial real-estate types on the market. However, we all know, since there is a high demand for storage space, there is a high supply as well. It doesn’t matter are you looking to join the storage business, or you are already a part of it.


Sharing Self Storage with friends

06 June 2019

Sharing anything, no matter how big or small, how significant or irrelevant, is always troublesome. How many friendships do you know of which were ruined due to the notion of sharing property? That is why you need to take particular care when stepping into binding agreement about sharing storage with friends


How to Prevent Mold in Your Storage Unit?

29 May 2019

As they are only used for storage, storage facilities are rarely properly aired out. Nowadays, technology has made it so that they can even exist unmanned. They are seldom visited at all, which can make them difficult to maintain. On top of that, it is easy to overlook them when considering the maintenance of your home. This is especially true if the storage facility is quite removed from your house. When this happens, unwanted visitors like mold or mildew may come a-knocking.


A Complete Guide for packing and storing fine arts in self Storage facility

17 May 2019

People have diverse reasons for needing storage units. Some do it for extra space, others for protecting valuables, and there are those who wish to de-clutter their home. One thing is certain, there are certain belongings that require extra care when handling them, and artwork falls into that category. This article will discuss different and practical ways of packing and storing fine art.


The Question On Your Website: Modern & Secure?

8 May 2019

Yes it’s awful to have your website data altered. I’ve heard hackers use simple website servers to perform illegal actions. While your facility website (does not really) require high level of security like the Amazon website, you don’t have to understand everything about website security.


“Google Reviews Affect Your Storage Unit Occupancy Rates” – How?

17 April 2019

Google reviews affect your local search results. When a person searches for a storage unit on Google, the business listings that include customer reviews present greater credibility.


Digital Marketing 101 for Self-Storage

16 April 2019

The rule for any business to thrive is to evolve or die. As consumer trends are changing it is vital for a self-storage business to keep up and position itself as a leader in their market. Gone are the days when you could build it and they will come. Now, the consumer wants information on demand. Today, 91% of adults search online for their needs, whether it’s to purchase directly from an online retailer or to decide who they want to shop with locally.


Don’t Compromise Security over Money | Here’s an Affordable Solution!

9 April 2019

Storage business has been too good the past few years and in certain regions it’s sure to not go down anytime soon. So we’ve invested in owning a facility, marketed the Storage brand to the community, have Consistent rentals flow-in and make good money. What’s next?


The idea is to make a profit, not a mess. Get started in spending less with a setup that scales with your business!

28 March 2019

Self Storage is surely to be one of the most leading growth industries in the world – It all started back in mid 90’s where the demand for residential and commercial storage had an increase so high that the need for facilities that supply it experienced a phenomenal growth rate!


How to retain your best customers with legacy pricing?

30 Jan 2019

No one should tell you how to run your business. It's yours and you know best. So consider this article just food for thought. The topic today is Legacy customers.


How To Deal With Difficult Tenants?

24 Jan 2019

Dealing with contractual matters and get you in sticky situations. No one likes to be the bad guy, and Karma can be a real “you know what”. So here are a few tips and techniques for dealing with difficult customers.


How to create Exit Strategy?

25 Dec 2018

As with most things you should begin with the end in mind. However, a lot of small business owners simply begin and never really consider the end state of their business.


How to Make Money in Self Storage!

14 Nov 2018

Congratulations! You survived many years of operating your storage units. Hopefully you're in the black and your operating somewhere between 90 and 95% full all the time. Now the question is: how do you become more profitable?


Rookies getting started

31 Oct 2018

Hi. My name is Bob. I own and operate Willow Dell Store it and Lock it mini storage units in Ohio. I've been a 6Storage customer for almost 2 years now, and I've been officially part of their team for over a year-and-a-half. In this article we're going to talk about some rookie challenges getting into the Mini Storage business.


Self Storage Management Software Value

24 Oct 2018

There is no free lunch in self-storage or anywhere else. So, how do you go getting the most value for your hard-earned storage management dollar? Some might say you get what you pay for. Some might say; “Why pay it all my notebook works just fine.”


New competition in town!

10 Oct 2018

Oh no! Someone is building a new self-storage center down the street! What's that going to mean for my business? Chances are excellent that it won't mean anything bad. There are several forces at work when you’re talking about business and competition. Let's take a look at a few.


Marketing Money Where it Matters Most

25 Sep 2018

Tomatoes. Like at the farmer’s market, the tomato in front of you is essentially the same as the tomato at the next booth. Your 10x10 storage unit is essentially the same your competitors down the street. Now, we have to compare apples to apples or in this case tomatoes to tomatoes, so please assume that the facilities are equivalent.


Sitemap – What are they? What do they do? Why do they matter most to Operators & Tenants?

18 Jul 2018

We’ve often heard this term “Sitemap” from many storage operators worldwide, many often speak about this and on how this helps them with their day to day operations. But have you ever seen one or know what they are used for?


Self-Storage Coupons and Discounts – Make them beneficial for both the Storage Operator and Tenant!

11 Jul 2018

Understand the current demands for rental discounts, Some of the commonly offered ones and on how to best track and manage Discounts/Offers in an easy way. Did you know that promotional discounts do not hurt the revenue of the business but in fact acts as a source for New potential clients and better ROI!


Multiple Units Rental

3 Jul 2018

The storage world today has aged much wherein we’ve incorporated new technologies to better manage our day to day operations at the facility. A recent survey conducted in California proves that a manager/operator spends an average of 15mins with a customer to help them in renting a unit.


How to handle delinquent tenants and late fees?

14 Jun 2018

The current prevailing problem between self storage owners and tenants is that of tenants not paying rent on time. No matter how hard you try, delinquent tenants and late rents are an issue which you need to face every month. This causes a lot of problems on the financial front and leaves you with no choice but to..


Self Storage – Technology - TODAY

7 Jun 2018

In the ever-growing world of technology that we live in, people seek for solutions that are simple, secure and that saves time. We do find that the storage world has emerged a lot since the past few years engulfing the same technology solutions, it’s grown to a state wherein storage facilities are unmanned and often managed remotely.


Rent a unit online on Sunday - Amazing, right?

7 Jun 2018

The self storage boom is finally slowing due to risks of overbuilding. If you’re in a highly competitive market, you’ll need a strong brand identity and a smart marketing plan to survive. Find out how you can stand out from the crowd in an oversaturated storage market in this post.