CRM software is in use in almost all industries today. It is incredibly versatile and helpful when it comes to customer data research. The storage industry saw an increase in the use of storage units over the past year, and it is crucial to look at ways to improve the overall service and bring customer satisfaction to the next level. With that in mind, let's explore the benefits of CRM in the storage industry and ways to use this powerful platform to improve the business in different areas.

CRM software will improve customer satisfaction

The importance of self-storage management software lies in the ability to make the business easier to handle. As you can use different platforms to track the inventory, you can also use CRM to track customer-related processes and improve customer service in many different ways. CRM does it by collecting and storing customer data. A CRM platform tracks all deals, marketing, servicing, and sales. Thanks to this data, you can conduct organized research to give you the complete picture of who your customers are and their needs.

Furthermore, CRM also stores information regarding any issues or complaints your customers have. That way, if you have a situation where the customer is not satisfied, you can pull their profile, look at all the information, and find a way to solve the problem quickly. Their previous purchase history and other information will give you an edge in that conversation.

In a way, we can say that you can also use CRM to store customer feedback and use it to improve the service.

Keeping your customers happy increases your revenue

Customer retention is one of the most critical elements of any business. The main reason for this is that reducing the defection rate of your clients consequently increases your profit.

We already spoke about how CRM helps improve customer service. If you don't address their problems quickly, customers will eventually leave. That's where collecting customer data plays an important role. CRM helps to have the right data and use them wisely. Pull a report of all customer accounts with potential or current issues and take a proactive approach to solve their problems. Sometimes, a client who has had a problem solved quickly will more likely make a new purchase than a client who has never experienced any issues. Solving problems is a clear sign that you care about your clients.

TIP: Customer retention is a vital process for any business. CRM will help you to understand the needs and requirements of your clients and keep them happy.

Attract new customers to your business

Using the same strategy, you can keep the existing clients and attract more customers to your self-storage business. Customer research is the area in which CRM excels. You can quickly figure out what makes your clients happy, what services they use the most, and so on. By doing the research, you can create a formula of success:

  • figure out the age group of your clients;
  • calculate their financial capabilities;
  • make a list of all popular services and those that are not;
  • check the location of your clients;
  • know if they are using storage for business purposes or private purposes;
  • make an inventory of the most common items they store to understand the basic needs of your storage units.

This list can go into finer details, but the point is that you use customer data to create a packaged product you can offer to your new clients.

CRM helps improve teamwork and employee communication

So far, we have spoken about the benefits of CRM in the storage industry that primarily focus on client satisfaction. However, multiple benefits affect internal communication in your company.

CRM plays such a crucial role because it works as a single platform. Companies often use different software across different teams, and there are times when this causes loss of data, data redundancies, or even missing data. If you keep everything on a single platform and make it accessible to all teams, you improve internal communication between all teams. They can easily communicate, exchange information, and have access to the same customer profiles.

This approach will reduce data-related issues and help save time, and lessen the frustration caused by incorrect or outdated data.

Bring your marketing game to the next level

We spoke in the previous sections about how CRM analysis helps you to better understand what your customers' needs are. Also, we mentioned how you could create a level of service that will help you retain the old customers and attract the new. One of the benefits of CRM in the storage industry is that you can also optimize your marketing performance through that process.

Let's say that you are spending resources on creating advertising campaigns for your business. You are focusing on both short-term and long-term deals and specialized storage units with climate control and other benefits. After you do customer research through the CRM analytics and reports features, you discover that most of your customers use long-term storage units. Also, you see there are not that many customers that require temperature-controlled storage.

TIP: Do not waste resources and time on products and services that do not bring you profit. Thanks to CRM, you can do detailed research and focus all your efforts in the right direction.

While this is just an example of a situation that may not happen to you, it is an excellent way to show how spending resources on services your customers don't use hurts your company in the long run. You should always focus the most of your time and resources on the most sold products and then create campaigns to promote other services if your budget allows you.

Understanding the benefits of CRM in the storage industry will help you to grow the business faster

CRM will help to improve customer service and grow your business. Do not skip on these benefits of CRM in the storage industry because your competitors will take advantage of them! If you want to compete for the leading position in the market, you need to consider all the best tools at your disposal. CRM is definitely top tier.

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