If you own storage facilities and make a living out of renting storage units, then you must know how profitable it is to offer temperature-controlled units. These units come with a plethora of benefits for both the storage facility owner and the storage user. So if offering temperature-controlled storage is such a smart business move, why are there storage facilities that only have regular units at their disposal?

The answer to that question is a complicated one. Some people simply don't have enough funds for renting a fancy storage unit. Others live in an area with a mild climate that puts their items in less of a risk. But the topic at hand today isn't why some forgo the use of climate-controlled storage - it's all the benefits it can bring to your business. As a storage facility owner, we are sure that you are always trying to improve the scope of your offer - be that through improving the security of your self-storage units or through including temperature-controlled storage in your offer. Today, we will deal with the latter.

Items that require temperature-controlled storage

Even though temperature-controlled units tend to be pricier than regular ones, some items simply call for this type of treatment. After all, you can't exactly put thousands of dollars worth of items in a regular unit when you expect the weather outside to go into the extremes. And while it's true that all items could benefit from a temperature-controlled unit, some items simply demand it! Some of these items include:

  • Furniture made of wood, leather, wicker or upholstery
  • Electronics
  • Antiques
  • Musical instruments
  • Collectibles
  • Medical supplies
  • Household appliances
  • Makeup and toiletries

Simply put, if a person is storing anything that is of importance and great emotional and/or monetary value, they should opt for a temperature-controlled unit. For storage facility owners, that would translate to more business and more profit.

If your facilities are located in an area with extreme weather, you would almost never be out of business.

Offering temperature-controlled storage results in long-term rental

We first have to mention that this isn't always the case. But it's a general rule of thumb for people to rent these units when storing their items for a longer period of time. There's a lot of debate about whether long-term storage pays off more than the short-term one . And the answer to that question depends on many variables, which is a topic for another time.

What is striking is the fact that people usually choose temperature-controlled storage when storing their items for an extended period of time. When you think about it, why would you need extra protection if you are just going to store your belongings in April when the weather is already nice and cool? But if you are thinking about storing them for two seasons, you can rest assured that you will benefit from this upgraded type of unit.

Plus, with long-term temperature-controlled storage, you will have almost no worries on your mind. It would be a plus if you could afford additional help in the form of movers. If movers in your area can load your storage unit and your storage company can keep it safe and sound, you would basically be completely free of any problems

Temperature-controlled units prevent infestations

As a person that is renting a storage unit, this should be enough of a reason for you to opt for a temperature-controlled one. Many outdoor units aren't sealed and insulated enough to keep rodents at bay. And we don't have to mention what kind of havoc can ensue from having your storage unit infested. But with a temperature-controlled unit, both rodents and spiders will have a much harder time getting in. Your items will remain safe and you won't have to worry about pests crawling all over your precious furniture.

And as the owner of a storage facility, you will have a much easier time maintaining your units. Regular fumigation of your units should be a must if you want to offer quality units and services to your clients. Due to the way they were made and their plethora of features, temperature-controlled units require less maintenance. So if you are maintaining your facilities from a far, you will have a much easier time keeping temperature-controlled units clean and free of any pests.

Regular units are cheaper than temperature-controlled ones

The most obvious benefit of temperature-controlled storage units is the fact that they come at a higher price. As the owner of a storage facility, it goes without saying that your goal is to make as much money as possible. Considering the fact that they come in a couple of sizes and are pricier than regular units, this type of storage will offer a great return on investment. Sure, you will have to invest more money in the beginning. But that will pay off a few years down the line, once you realize that all of your temperature-controlled units are never vacant. Besides, useful as they are, these storage units will never go out of style. You can count on them being as necessary for the future as they are for the present. That's the beauty of making a smart decision.

Year-round business is a great benefit of temperature-controlled storage that you can count on as an owner.

The bottom line

If you decide to include these units in your offer, you can count on them being a good investment. They are necessary, useful, and constantly occupied - what more could you ask for? Bear in mind that these were only the key benefits of offering temperature-controlled storage units. You'll find out that there are many more good sides to investing in your business in this way. Apart from the starting investment that it requires, temperature-controlled storage is almost too good to be true! And yet, it never disappoints, so feel free to include it in your regular offer.

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