Offering outdoor storage units may seem like an odd idea at first. Since you already have the storage space, why not properly cover it and offer regular storage units, right? Well, not quite. Not a lot of storage companies seem to be aware that there are certain benefits of offering outdoor storage units that you simply cannot get with regular ones. So, to highlight these benefits, we are going to take a closer look at what outdoor storage units have to offer for developing storage companies.

Why offering outdoor storage units is a good idea

The best way to think of a storage company is that it is a business. And just like any other business, you need to consider the investments you plan on putting in vs the potential returns you expect to gain. Once you do this, you will see that there are certain hidden benefits of outdoor storage units that you might not have realized at first. This is especially if you are situated in an area that has a natural need for them.

  • Storing large items

    One of the issues storage company owners regularly run into is that their storage units are not big enough. For one reason or another, they simply cannot store a certain item and therefore need to force the customer to rent another storage unit. This doesn't sit well with customers, as they will perceive this as you trying to force money out of them. Well, if you offer outdoor storage units, this will be one of the problems that you won't have to worry about. By offering outdoor storage units, you will hardly have to worry about the size. Even a reasonably sized unit can easily store items that would otherwise be impossible to store in a regular storage space.

    Outdoor storage units are especially useful for large, durable items that can withstand the outdoor effects.

    For such items, using outdoor storage units is not only an option, but it is usually the only viable one.

  • Low maintenance costs

    As almost all storage company owners will verify, running a storage company is far from cheap. Apart from security measures and staff salaries, you also have to pay for electricity and maintenance. The price of this can especially rack up if you offer temperature-controlled storage units . Well, the benefit of offering outdoor storage units is that they are fairly inexpensive to take care of. Except for cleaning them every once in a while, you hardly have to use money or energy in order to maintain them. Just ensure that they are safe and clean, and you are good to go.

  • Vehicle storage

    The most common way in which people use outdoor storage is for their vehicles. And seeing that there is no shortage of vehicles in the U.S., you'd hard-pressed to find a place where offering outdoor storage units is not profitable. Doing so is a fairly inexpensive way to gain money, as you only have to guarantee the safety of vehicles while they are in your custody.

The advantages of outdoor storage

To gain the benefits of offering outdoor storage units,you need to be aware of how to market them . After all, the only way that you will see income is if people know how to use outdoor storage units and when they are the preferred choice. So, with this in mind, here are the main traits that you need to outline to your potential customers.

  • Ease of access

    Being able to drive in from the street to your storage unit is one of the unique traits of outdoor storage units. This ease of access allows people to use outdoor storage units as they could never do with regular ones. By being able to drive their vehicles up to their storage unit, they will be able to transport heavy items with relative ease.

    Highlight the fact that, because your customers are able to access their unit so easily, they can use them in a much more dynamic way.
  • Larger space to use

    As we mentioned before, there are certain items that you simply cannot store in a regular storage space. Even if you maximize space in your storage unit , certain items simply cannot fit. But, if you protect these items properly, you can easily store them in an outdoor warehouse. Doing so is made even easier due to easy access, as transporting large items will be a relative breeze.

  • Great value

    An often overlooked benefit of outdoor storage units is that they give the best value per cubic foot of storage space, both for the company owner and for the clients. So, if there is one thing that you should highlight, its the cost-effectiveness of this kind of storage.

    Outdoor storage units are a terrific choice for short term storage, especially for large tools or vehicles

A final tip about outdoor storage units

The thought we would like to leave you with is that simply offering outdoor storage units is rarely enough. To grow your company properly and develop a strong brand , you need to consider where you are situated, and what the storage needs of your neighbors are. If the people in your community operate heavy vehicles, they will probably make great use of outdoor storage units. Meanwhile, inner city people might be reluctant to get it, as they rarely need outdoor storage. They might have some use of them for their cars, but this puts you in competition with public garages. So, all in all, carefully consider your clientele before you choose your storage services. The right pick is bound to make your company a pillar of the local community and bring you abundant income.

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