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62 Byepass Mini Storage

The Affordable Storage Facility in Arkansas

Paul runs a small storage facility and had trouble with invoicing and tracking payments. After implementing 6Storage, he is pleased with the customer support.

Customer Support

Ease of Setup

All-in-one Solution

62 Byepass Mini Storage in Arkansas offers affordable storage spaces for mini storage, RV’s and boats. There are totally 70 units of which the indoor units are climate controlled.

Challenges Faced

We wanted to find a cloud based self storage software that can invoice tenants, keep track of lease, send emails and track payments. We were looking for a solution for a year. We have tried 3 other programs before 6Storage, but we are pleased with 6Storage customer service and ease of setup.

"“Great programming and awesome customer service," says Paul.

6Storage Solution

6Storage is cloud based and easy to access. We started using the software and quickly realized it was exactly what we were looking for. Although we miss the late fee button on payment page, we want the 6Storage team to keep updating and make improvements.

“We recommend 6Storage to anyone that is looking for an all-in-one solution”,says Paul.

Since 6Storage Implementation

Previously we used to track tenant payments & other info on paper, but now, with 6Storage, we can access the info anywhere which saves us time.

The adapting phase took time for us as there is a learning curve involved. But the more you learn about the program, the more it does for you.

“We’re happy with the value 6Storage provides” , says Paul.

Future plans

We’re about to open a second building to give us more rental space, secondly we want to set up a credit card processing merchant account to automate payments with 6Storage.