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Storador SL

How Gail & Gary found 6Storage as the best fit for their storage facility, StoradorSL, after using a different management software when they first opened the facility.

Best software for the price
24/7 support
Everything required in one software program

Your Experience With 6Storage software over other management software

We were using a different management solution initially and we faced a lot of challenges. The software did not suit our requirements. After few weeks, we started looking for a different solution on Google and found 6storage. We signed up for a free trial, used the software for 30 days and we realized the difference in the software was like day and night.

We tested the 6storage software and noticed it had everything we required to make our storage facility management easy, there was no doubt this was the right one for us.

One thing that made us go with 6Storage is their support team. With the help and advice of the support team and the great customer service by our first point of contact, 6storage became our obvious choice.

How 6Storage increases your productivity

The features that we were mainly looking at while purchasing software are online payment with a robust system and good support. These basic features help to manage our facility easily and save time thereby increasing productivity.

The support team has been a great deal for us!

The adapting phase of 6Storage has been smooth. Any questions address with the support team on live chat or in the help section were quickly addressed. Thanks to the team who helped us, we eventually got hold of using the software quickly.

Sometimes we send emails regarding queries that could not be dealt with over the live chat. For email queries, the support team usually takes 24- 48 hours to respond. But we understand the time difference.

“The support team were extremely helpful when we had to move buildings and all our tenant information had to be transferred over,” says Gail & Gary

Long term goals for Storador SL

Our growth plans for the company this year? “Expanding! We are a small company and have been full now for the past 4 months. We are fortunate to have the opportunity to be able to expand into the next-door warehouse enabling us to extend our facility by increasing our storage space, allowing our business to grow.” says Gail & Gary.

Challenges in the storage industry

Presently with the current Covid lockdown situation in Spain, it is a challenge to promote our business physically, so we have to do this online. Storage is important to everyone who needs extra space especially for families living in apartments in our town center which has a growing population of around 50.000 people. Our market is not only the local Spanish community but ex-pats living here or who have second homes on the Costa del Sol. Most of our tenants are from the UK and northern Europe including Germany, France, Belgium, Norway, Sweden, and Russia.

Advice for 6storage

Keep up the excellent service, keep developing, and listening to the customer feedback.