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One of the most important features of every storage unit is the level of security it offers. Choosing the right gate access solution for your storage is not easy because it depends on multiple factors. Let's see what they are and how you can protect your property by picking the best security system you can afford.

Understand the needs of your clients

If you are renting storage space to your clients, you need to learn what their requirements are. Depending on the location and the value of their belongings, they might look for a more secure unit. Some prefer remote access through a mobile app, while others want to use the keycard or a keypad. Furthermore, the more features you offer, the higher the cost is. It is also vital to know how much your clients are willing to pay. If you want to install a high-level security gate, but your customers cannot afford a higher storage fee, you need to re-think if your investment is worth it or not.

TIP: You need to have your client's needs in the first place. They are purchasing your service, and if your units are not up to par with their expectations, they will find a different company.

Understand that the length of the storage contract with your client also plays an important role. From a customer's point of view, they are trying to decide if renting short-term storage pays off more than long-term storage. A higher level of security is usually necessary if you are working more with clients who need long-term storage services.

A security assessment of your storage units is a must

There are different levels of possible attacks on your storage units. Theft is probably the most common one, but there is also vandalism and trespassing. The location also brings a lot to the table. It is a different scenario if your self storage is at the city's outskirts or in an urban area.

Security assessment has the purpose of:

  • locating weak spots on your property;
  • understanding what type of security equipment you need;

Through this checkup, you have higher chances of improving the on-site security of storage units.

Important add-ons of storage security gates

Having a secured storage unit is one of the traits of reliable movers. People want to be protected from bad moving companies at all costs, and an increased level of storage security is a good way to earn their trust.

Installing just a gate is usually not enough. There are multiple useful additions that improve the overall security of your property.

  • Security cameras

Gates and security cameras go together like bread and butter. They complement each other, helping you have a complete overview of everything happening on your property. By having security cameras in a visible place, anyone who wants to enter your property illegally will think twice before doing so.

TIP: Security cameras give you a psychological advantage over potential thieves. They are less likely to attempt a robbery if they know there is a chance they will be recorded.

When setting up a security camera system, you want 24/7 CCTV surveillance. Everything is recorded and kept for a period you specify and deleted after that time passes. This way, you don't have to think about additional memory to keep all the recorded video feed.

  • Alarms and locks

Another vital feature that will help you in choosing the right gate access solution for your self storage is what kind of alarms and locks you want to use. Electronic door locks are the most popular ones, and you can easily control them remotely.

  • Keypads

You can also choose to install keypads that will allow access via a keycard or a password. When it comes to keypads, you want to get the weather-resistant ones. Even if your gate is secured from rain or snow, you don't want to risk possible damage in case it gets wet.

Some keypads are also mobile-controlled, or they might require a personal keycard. This is an excellent way to personalize security, but it also has downsides. If a client loses the keycard or their phone, the security might be jeopardized.

Synchronize a new security system with what you already have

Storage security technology advances at a rapid pace. It is important to have an open mind and think about potential improvements that will come in the future years. However, completely changing your security system will be an expensive process. The best approach is to take what you already have and see how you can improve it. Unless it is a rare case where all of your equipment is just outdated, in many situations, you can actually make only a few improvements to raise the level of security substantially.

Choosing the right gate access solution for your self storage will require some thinking. However, if you know what you are doing, you can finish the entire improvement process with fewer expenses.

Compare options and consult with a professional

You don't want to make a rash decision when choosing the right gate access solution for your storage. Always compare features and pricing and try to find something that works for you. Furthermore, before you commit to a purchase, it is a good idea to speak with a security professional. They can tell you if a specific solution is good for you or not. If you buy a system only to discover that you had better options, you won't be a happy camper.

The best way to approach this process is to plan it thoroughly and divide it into stages:

  • customer analysis stage;
  • property assessment;
  • different security solutions research;
  • assimilation research;
  • installation and testing phase

Play it safe when choosing the right gate access solution for your storage

Choosing the right gate access solution for your self storage cannot be done overnight. Both your and your customer's security is at stake. You need to play it safe, carefully assess all the factors, and install a unique system tailored specifically for your property.

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