We’ve often heard this term “Sitemap” from many storage operators worldwide, many often speak about this and on how this helps them with their day to day operations. But have you ever seen one or know what they are used for?

Understand What It Means

A Sitemap simply reflects an aerial view of your entire storage facility, thus giving you a quick review of all your units. There are many ways wherein this has been put to use by many,

Sitemap over a White Board: I’ve personally come across a couple of colleagues that have drawn a rough sketch of their storage facility’s layout and using three colored markers follow a pattern to indicate all Vacant Units, Occupied Units, and Overdue Tenants. They place this board right at the reception area and it helps them with quick rentals and overdue reminders.

-Sitemap’s take-on Technology: We live in an ever-growing world of technology where most of our works are automated to help us utilize our time better in the workplace. Having said that there are many software’s in the market today to help with Storage facility management and it’s a common known fact that all do offer the Sitemap in a digital manner. Some have taken even further steps to improvise this simple layout diagram to a much more interactive and functional one with the impeccable amount of features.

Know how Technology embraced this Old-School method

The sitemap by itself has proven to be useful in many ways over the years now and improvement in technology has helped it emerge even more to a point where most day to day operations could be monitored and managed from it. It often acts as a centralized point of reference or action towards a rental or a payment or simply to check the current status of a unit or a tenant.

Many established software concerns that derive solutions towards the better management of self-storage have taken time to instill many features to this sitemap. So now not only does it help you review the Units status by a color code but even more to a point where we could perform a reservation or a rental from it, even more so keep a track on the follow-up status of an overdue tenant.

There are tons of features that have been embalmed with the sitemap and it still evolves to be the best option for any operator or a tenant to rent a unit or simply make a payment.

How it helps…….?

  • A quick view on the status of the units by a simple color code

    Get to know which of our units are Vacant, Occupied, Reserved for the future, Overdue, and Overlocked

  • Sneak peek on info/status of the unit and the tenant within

    A simple click could give you the info that you’d need to understand the unit or the tenant in it more. Get to know the Unit number, size and price or even more view Tenant details as name, move-in date, paid-through date, balance and more.

  • A great help for daily walkthroughs

    Since all info is at the reach of a click and visually segregated under a color code, it’s of the best of use when we perform our daily walkthrough at the end of each day.

  • Quick rentals
  • Quick move-outs
  • Collect and post payments directly

An advanced and futuristic sitemap from 6Storage

We’ve been helping many storage facilities with the best of functions through a powerful and affordable software to better manage storage operations. And since the Sitemap has been a favorite among most operators we initiated many campaigns to understand the needs and what would benefit them more.

We’ve always welcomed Feature Requests from our Clients and build them as to how they want. With much redesigns and improvements what we deliver to our clients and their customers is an extensive easy to use sitemap.

That’s right, the Sitemap would be for both the Storage operator and the Tenant too!

Storage manager and the Sitemap: Being the manager this helps me with my daily rentals, payments and move-outs. More so this has been of a great help to follow-up on late tenants and understand the unit’s availability at a glance.

Tenant and the Sitemap: As a tenant, this has helped me choose the unit that I desire and also give me an aerial view on where my unit would be located at the facility when I drive-in for it.

We’re proud to say that our whole clientele is much happy operating their operations just of the sitemap each day and even more some have connected this to a huge Screen that’s at the reception area helping both themselves and tenants to choose desired units.

6Storage does not charge our clients for updates; rather we want to help you to make the most of it. When our clients win, so does 6Storage!