Google reviews on Move Out.. why do I care?

Because small businesses benefit from Google reviews in 3 ways:

  • Social Proof (and its influence on your occupancy rate)
  • Credibility (and the rise of repeat customers)
  • Reputation (the prospect to customer convert factor)

Why Google Reviews!

Google reviews affect your local search results. When a person searches for a storage unit on Google, the business listings that include customer reviews present greater credibility.

After all, 88% of people will use a local business if it has a 4 star rating and beyond. People read a few reviews before they judge the business.

That means, customers are more likely to choose your facility if you have excellent reviews and a 4 star rating.

TIP: “Immediately after a purchase, ask customers for a review.”

For small storage facilities, Google reviews create social proof. Reviews inflect the degree of trust felt for your unfamiliar business which is based on feedback from other people with storage needs.

Do you not have a Google business listing yet? Sign up to Google My Business (for free) and get your facility verified.

What If I Get A Bad / Unusual Customer Review!

Yes, you will get them. The percentage of bad reviews depends on your actual customer service. However, when you get a bad response, post a reply to resolve the issue - This highlights your potential customers that you care about your clients.. or in other words, you care about your brand.

At the same time, if you notice a string a negative Google reviews on a prolonged time period, it’s an opportunity to review your business processes.

Here’s How 6Storage Helps!

6Storage has made the whole review process easier (although it’s simple but requires effort!)

TIP: “1 CTA on the move out confirmation email (Google review) works better than multiple social links. (CTA: Call To Action)”

Learn more to create move out confirmation email. Or, create an event reminder on 6Storage and send the email / SMS 1 day after move-out.

Bonus: To monitor your Google reviews, use Reputology. People use Reputology to monitor Google reviews of multi-location businesses.

Summary of Google Reviews

  • Ask for reviews on the move out confirmation email
  • With a consistent customer service, better reviews are abundant
  • Use Reputology to monitor your Google reviews and respond quickly
  • Reviews help your facility become more visible to potential customers
  • Tenants use your facility repeatedly because of the experience they had with you
  • And…. Reviews allow your tenants to appreciate the experience they had with you!

Now, give reviews a try. Simply use the Move Out Confirmation w Google Review email template. Update your Google business listing link.

Thought: This is just the beginning. If you don’t follow the Google review strategy consistently, then your potential customers might judge the old reviews as irrelevant. Even if you have negative reviews, a consistent record of positive responses will overlap the negative ones.Create Confirmation Email

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