It is in the nature of everything to evolve over time or disappear. Every business seeks new ways to attract more clients and a younger audience. Especially now that we are facing a crisis due to the COVID-19 outbreak, self-storage companies need efficient ideas to strengthen their businesses. To help out in that process, here are the most successful ways to attract more customers to your self-storage business.

Think about what your customers need

It is necessary to look at things from a client's perspective to understand what type of self-storage units rents the most. It all comes down to which kind of self-storage pays off more to the customer, short-term or long-term. The answer lies in the previous reports. Whichever type was rented more times, that's the one where you should focus your energy.

If you wish to push the other type of self-storage rent, try creating special deals or promotions.

Focus on smaller self-storage units

Smaller self-storage units sell more often than large ones. Again, think from a customer's point of view. Unless they are moving a large home or storing a bunch of stuff, they won't have that much use out of large storage units.

TIP: The size of the self-storage units plays a vital role in attracting more customers. People mostly use storage units to declutter their homes, and a small unit is a more affordable solution.

Think about your prices

The truth of the matter is, you need to be affordable. Now is the time when people want to save money. You should not undersell; however, you should not raise renting fees either. You need to find the sweet spot for how much your clients are willing to pay.

Create a referral program for your clients

An excellent way to strengthen the relationship with your clients and introduce affordable deals is through a referral program. That way you can offer better prices if the customers use more services and continue to come back. This way, you protect your business, and at the same time, provide your clients with quality service.

TIP: It is crucial to look at your customers not as a way to make money but as unique individuals with needs. Develop a relationship with your customers and focus on providing solutions to their problems.

Be active online

There is no need to underline the importance of building an online presence, especially now. Your website needs to have all the information. You should offer video estimates, online meetings, and virtual tours. Furthermore, be active on your blog, customer comments, and work on social media marketing.

Make sure to offer a wide range of services

To attract more customers to your self-storage business, you need to offer more. The more comprehensive the range of services is, the better. With that in mind, your self-storage business should provide:

  • Increased on-site security of all self-storage units;
  • 24/7 access for all clients;
  • Flexible payment options;
  • Regular pest control;
  • Specialized services, like climate-controlled units;
  • Option to add additional shelves to customize the customer experience;
  • Loading/unloading assistance;
  • Power outlets inside the units;
  • All-day coverage and support.

Go the extra mile - be innovative!

The advancement of technology is a fantastic way to show that you are moving forward and striving to provide the best possible service.

Another way to attract more customers to your self-storage business is to be innovative. Focus on the new technologies and trends in construction. Smart self-storage units, sound insulated space, movable storage, that's how you can introduce something new to the market.

Eco-friendly storage units are a must

One trend that will never go out of style is to care for our planet. Green moving and eco-friendly storage companies are doing much better today. Think about using sustainable materials for construction or storage containers. This is also a very efficient way to attract millennials to your business. As an added benefit, you will save money because sustainable materials will not cost as much, and you can always recycle them.

TIP: Environmental self-storage units are in demand today. Companies that provide eco-friendly solutions open their business to a new market.

Go mobile

Not having a mobile website is a huge loss. People today do not have time to sit in front of a computer or a laptop unless they are working. However, they use mobile phones for around 60% to 90% of their free time every day.

You need to optimize your website for mobile platforms.

Work on your marketing

Blogging and social media marketing are the best ways to advertise online. That way, you can reach more people and open your business to other markets as well. However, keep in mind that the essential part is to focus on local SEO. Your neighbors will be your best customers; remember that.

Strong businesses need strong partnerships

What better way to increase your leads than to form partnerships with companies that provide similar services. The best way a self-storage company can benefit from a partnership is to join forces with moving companies. Some movers do not offer self-storage solutions, and that is a perfect match for you. Furthermore, they will also benefit because they will get access to your clients that need moving services. It is a win-win situation.

Track customer conversions and work on improvements all the time

Once you start this machinery, there is no taking a break. You need to track customer conversions all the time and work on improving your service. The key is to be consistent. If you feel there is a drop in the numbers, you need to figure out why. If you let that pass a few times, you will start losing customers quickly, and your business will be at risk.

Attract more customers to your self-storage business by implementing these best practices

As you can see, there are many ways to attract more customers to your self-storage business. You need to see what works best for your company and focus only on the solutions that drive results. Do a few test phases, and observe the results. There is no time for inefficient strategies. We can say with high certainty that if you follow our best practices, there is a good chance your business will quickly prosper. Focus on building customer relations, provide a unique service, and focus on delivering quality. Best of luck!

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