Self Storage facilities are vulnerable to pest infestations – how come?

As unbelievable as it may seem, the storage facilities you offer to clients are highly vulnerable to pest infestations. This is due to several reasons:

  • Tenants usually use cardboard boxes for their belongings – a perfect environment for pests.
  • Upholstered furniture pieces are often stored in storage units - another favorable ground for pests to thrive.
  • Generally, tenants do not visit their self storage units regularly – infestations easily develop unnoticed and spread from one unit to another.

Why is pest-proofing your self storage facilities necessary?

To win a satisfying ranking on Google reviews, you need to make a serious effort to eliminate pests in the storage facilities you offer. When prospective tenants notice the infestation problem, they instantly move on. These circumstances ruin their perception of self storage facilities you provide, and eventually considerably harm your small business.

Pest control is a serious process and requires professional assistance. If you neglect this problem, you will never succeed in standing out among your competitors. To win the trust of your clients and become their choice number one, examine the potential problem thoroughly and act accordingly. Pests will not only damage and ruin the items in the self storage units, but they can also spread disease. These are the consequences each self storage facility owner wants to avoid.

In this modern, digital era, when you can use a cloud-based self storage management software and conduct all your facility operations remotely, it is irresponsible to let pest infestation affect your storage business

Is hiring a professional pest control company a smart investment?

Definitely yes. Why? Because professional exterminators know how to define the right strategy for pest-proofing your storage facilities. They conduct a thorough examination of the climate conditions and types of pests your self storage facilities are favorable for. Once the examination is over, they orchestrate the pest prevention strategy.

Pest control companies are your perfect allies for pest-proofing your self storage facilities. Investing in their services is a smart business decision.

Moreover, it is important to create a long-term strategy for pest-proofing your self storage facilities. With the help of reputable pest control companies, you can make a plan of regular checks for pest prevention.

What you can do for pest-proofing your self storage facilities is…

Even if you are a genuine amateur when it comes to pest prevention, you can take some steps to decrease the hazards of infestation:

  • Repair even the slightest cracks in the walls of your self storage facilities.
  • Keep your self storage units away from trees and plants. Although they look nice near the office, they increase the chances of various bugs migrating to the units.
  • Regular disposal of garbage is a must.
  • Check out your roof-gutter systems. It is essential that they carry water into drains and away from the units because pests are very attracted to water.
  • Spray around the area from time to time

Include your tenants in the pest-proofing strategy

Pest-proofing your self storage facilities are crucial to achieving high occupancy rate, keep your current customers and attract new clients. However, your tenants also have an important role in the whole process. Although they may be in need of a self storage unit for various reasons, premium quality service is what they always need and want. Thus, to make them contribute significantly in the process of prevention of pest infestations, advise them on the following points:

  • Suggest using plastic bins and boxes instead of cardboard ones for packing belongings. Although the latter option is more expensive, it is much better in the long run. Those who need storage due to relocation will probably use sturdy but still cardboard boxes. Moving professionals can provide tenants with high-quality packing materials that will ensure the safety of their items while in a storage unit.
  • If your clients have limited budget, help them prioritize and eliminate free cardboard boxes from grocery stores as packing supplies. Most often, these have food residue and highly attract bugs, ants and other pests. Understandably, avoiding this is vital.
Provide your tenants with useful advice on the best ways to store their items. This way they can significantly contribute to pest-proofing your self storage facilities.
  • Warn your tenants that storing perishable goods is a big no-no.
  • Suggest using mothballs around the inside of the storage units.
  • Soft, cotton balls dipped in peppermint oil can provide the same effect as well and help in pest-proofing your storage facilities.
  • Advise your clients to conduct a thorough check of their mattresses and bedding before they store them. In case they notice bed bugs, it is important to spray the affected areas and vacuum the items. Washing sheets, pillows, and blankets before storing them is an intelligent choice.

With the help of pest control companies and responsible tenants, you will offer pest-free units at all times

The most effective strategy that guarantees pest-free storage units is a collaboration with pest control companies and tenants themselves. Only this way will you reduce the hazards of pest infestation to a minimal level. Eventually, you will gain a high reputation in the business and prove that you deserve the trust of your customers. Being consistent in providing high-quality service is of utter importance when doing business. Hence, pest-proofing your self-storage facilities is an aspect of this industry that must not be neglected.

Collaborate with pest control companies and your tenants to make your storage facilities pest-free.

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Clients immensely value professionalism and you need to meet their requirements. Regardless of the type of service they require, expertise, trustworthiness and reliability is what they appreciate. Whether they are moving to Florida, looking for a storage unit in New Jersey or moving out of California with professional assistance, they seek exceptional service and a company they can trust. Failing in pest-proofing your storage facilities is a sign of negligence and a flaw no client will forgive.


  • Hire a pest control company - Professional assistance is desirable if not even necessary in these circumstances. This is the investment worth making when it comes to pest-proofing your storage facilities.
  • Conduct all the necessary repairs in the units – eliminate all the cracks and crevices
  • Keep your storage units away from trees and plants
  • Disclose garbage on a daily basis
  • Spray areas where the risk of pest infestation is high
  • Check out roof-gutter systems – water attracts pests
  • Provide your tenants with useful advice on the best ways to store their items – pest-free facilities are your mutual goal.
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