Running a storage-oriented business during a global pandemic is more challenging than it sounds. Drastic times require drastic measures, and everyone is looking for ways to improve their business and keep it running. Furthermore, it is crucial to consider your competition as well, since you can easily lose customers if they provide better service than you. With that in mind, let's see what can you do to stay in front of your competitors, and why virtual estimates for storage give you an advantage.

Think about the safety of your customers

The number one reason to implement virtual estimates is so you can provide a safe way for your clients to use your services. Since COVID-19 requires social distancing, customers cannot just go outside to look for storage units.

However, if you offer online service, they will gladly take it.

The safety of your customers should always be your number one priority. Best of all, your effort will not go unnoticed!

Virtual estimates are a fantastic marketing strategy during COVID-19 outbreak

Since I already mentioned that virtual estimates keep your customers safe from Coronavirus, it is clear that it's one of the best marketing strategies during the COVID-19 global outbreak .

This strategy will help you stay in front of your competition

Virtual estimates consume less time

Other than protecting your clients, you are also offering an opportunity for both you and them to save time and be more productive. If you think about it, every client must take some time out of their schedule to come and look at your storage units. Or, you as a service provider must go to their premises to do an estimate of how many things they need to store. If you also consider the fact that maintaining your self-storage facility remotely is actually quite simple, you will understand the benefits of doing not only online estimates, but anything else that can be done remotely

By scheduling an online meeting via Skype, Webex, Zoom, or any other app, you are saving your clients' time, as well as your own. Virtual estimates for storage give you an advantage over all of your competitors who don't use online meetings.

You can keep your business running

Look at the situation from the perspective of a customer. If you are sitting at home in need of storage, but you are unable to go outside, chances are, you will abandon that thought and come up with an in-home solution.

If you switch to the point of view of a storage company owner, you are in fact losing customers.

Offering virtual estimates will help you keep your business running, and provide a solution for all of your customers

A good way to get more customers

Let's imagine this hypothetical scenario: A client called in regarding a virtual estimate for a storage unit. You arrange a meeting via Skype, check the size of their rooms, and provide an estimate of how much space they might need. Everything is done quickly and effectively.

What happens next is, this same customer, satisfied with the level of service he received, advertises you to friends or family.

Since the situation with COVID-19 has people staying inside and experimenting with different indoor projects, you never know when someone might need a storage unit. Word of mouth is among the best advertising techniques, and it's completely free.

Easy cash flow and liquidity boost

Even though it is not happening directly, providing online services like virtual estimates will create a steady cash flow and boost liquidity at the same time. Since you are able to run your business, there is no fear of having financial difficulties due to a lack of customers.

Expand your market

Virtual estimates for storage also give you an advantage in terms of being able to explore new markets. If you were mostly doing business locally, here is a chance to expand the market to other areas of your city, or even to a whole other town.

You should always think about possible ways to expand your market and connect with new customers.

That's the advantage of providing online services, your customers do not have to live close by.

Make partnerships with other companies

Any storage company that does not have a developed system for online estimates is losing a lot more than just money. By being able to provide this online service, you can also create strong partnerships with other companies

For example, online estimates are popular in the moving industry as well. With that in mind, if you have a customer who is looking for a storage unit due to their upcoming relocation, ask them if they have a moving company in mind.

If not, you can suggest movers that you previously partnered with. In the same manner, movers can recommend your company if their clients need a storage unit.

The reputation of your company will rise

Remember that even though you are making money while renting storage units, it is even more important that you build a reputation for yourself. And the best way to do it is by offering quality services and doing everything you can to overcome your customers' expectations.

Virtual estimates will showcase that you are willing to provide new options for your customers in order to accommodate all of their needs and demands.

Ways in which virtual estimates for storage give you an advantage

Let's quickly summarize all of the reasons why virtual estimates for storage give you an advantage over your competition:

  • It is a fantastic marketing strategy during COVID-19 that will keep your customers safe
  • Virtual estimates consume less time and increase your productivity
  • This strategy helps you keep your business running even in these uncertain times
  • You can easily expand your market and acquire new customers
  • New partnerships are not that far away
  • Virtual estimates help you build a reputation for your company
Do not stop at only offering virtual estimates to your customers, think about other possible ways to use online solutions to improve your business!

If not, you can suggest movers that you previously partnered with. In the same manner, movers can recommend your company if their clients need a storage unit.

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