It doesn't take much marketing knowledge to know that in order to properly promote your company, you need to have a brand. Without one, you cannot hope to tackle long-term marketing strategies properly. So, it stands to reason that you should start building up your brand the moment you decide that you want to start a company. Unfortunately, building up your brand as a storage company can be a bit tricky. After all, storage companies are not known as easy to brand, which is why you might struggle at first. Well, to help you combat that struggle, we are going to take a look at what brand building for a storage company is all about.

Finding your brand

The first, and arguably most difficult, step you will have to tackle is finding your brand. Your brand needs to represent the idea behind your company. It should convey what your company stands for and what you wish to provide to your customers.

A good brand is both informative and catchy

Now, all of this sounds nice in theory. But, in practice, people handle branding in two ways. They either think about a core service (pillar service) that they wish to promote and focus their brand around it. Or, they simply find the first available brand name that comes to mind. Now, the latter one won't do you much good if you plan on managing your marketing with the necessary care. So, if you wish to stay ahead of your competitors, we suggest that you opt for the former one.

Figure out what kind of a storage company you are

The worst thing you can do for your brand and for your marketing is to try and promote yourself as a "Best in all" storage company. No storage company is best in all. You either have one service that you excel at and offer other ones at a reasonable cost, or you have no notable service to offer. So, do yourself a favor and pick a service that you are going to base your company around. That service is called your pillar service. To give you some ideas you can offer:

  • Commercial storage.
  • Student storage.
  • Long-term storage
  • Climate controlled storage
  • Winter storage
  • RV and boat storage

These are just some of all the possible storage options you can offer. Your job is to figure out which service will be the most lucrative in the area you are situated in.

Most successful storage companies have a pillar service that is perfectly situated in their local area

Knowing your surroundings

Since you are running a storage company, most of your business will come from your neighbors. After all, if there is one thing that everyone wants out of their storage unit, it's that it is nearby.

Everyone is looking for a useful tip about how to set the correct price increase. Going aggressive when raising storage costs is only viable with a high occupancy rate. If you have plenty of customers, you can increase the costs a bit more. Sure, there will be some negative feedback, but the fact is that tenants almost never move out because of the price increase.

So, ideally, you want to cater your storage services to your neighbors. For example, if you live near a university, it doesn't make much sense to offer commercial storage as your pillar service. By the same token, if you live near a harbor, you shouldn't offer student storage. Try to figure out which storage service people need most in your community, and then proceed to make it your pillar service.

Building up your brand as a storage company

With your pillar service figured out, you should be well on your way with building up your brand as a storage company. Ideally, you will connect your pillar service to a certain feeling of trust and safety. After all, that is what most people are looking for, when in need of storage.

But again, try to keep your customer base in mind. Certain demographics will value cost-effectiveness over safety. This, of course, doesn't mean that you can lower the safety standards of your storage units. After all, most customers know to be cautious when renting affordable storage solutions . Add nofollow link It simply means that when you promote your service, you need to highlight a certain aspect of it.

  • You want to increase your earnings
  • A remodel has been completed and storage units are upgraded
  • Economy starts to dictate higher prices
  • The occupancy rate is high enough
  • Maintenance fees are high
Never fear to increase your rates. Even with all the complaining, it is still your business, and the chances are that every tenant will complain a little, but they will accept the change over time.


Building up your brand as a storage company is mostly about marketing and having a decent reputation. For marketing, you should consider working with a professional, at least for the first couple of months. You will have to:

  • Design your logo
  • Set up your website.
  • Figure out your marketing campaign
  • Outline promotional periods

All of those things need to be handled with care, which is why having a marketing professional at your side is a must. One of the things we would advise you, especially when it comes to making a logo or a website, is to not be afraid to go outside of the box. Your goal is to make your brand memorable. And the more you can make your brand stand out, the easier it will be for people to memorize it.

Your brand will stay with your company for as long as it operates. So, take your time to think of a decent one

Setting up your website

Every company needs to at least have a website and a Facebook page. Even though most of your business is with local people, you still need to have an online presence. Not only will this make building up your brand as a storage company easier, but you will also have a straightforward way to communicate with your customers. Now, it is essential that you hire a decent web designer to help your set up your website. A proper website is easy to update, runs efficiently on multiple platforms and is intuitive to use. And, in order to make your website like that, and incorporate your brand with it, you need to have someone with experience helping you out.

Reputation management

If you have a well-made website and you provide a decent storage service, your reputation will grow. The only thing left is to address online reviews and to manage referral programs. You can also look into promotional offers. Most storage services have specific periods when they are most needed. And, if you offer your services during these periods, you are bound to see a boost in your popularity

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