Now a days, more and more people turn to renting some kind of self storage facilities, either when moving or for commercial purposes. And, thieves and vandals see self storage facilities as an easy target. Theft and break-ins are the two things many self storage owners fear the most. So what can self storage owners do in order to improve onsite security of self storage facilities? First, before renting a unit, you must be sure that your investment is well-protected from any kind of illegal activity. That includes theft, vandalism, arson, and similar. Do not worry, with the right tools and proper planning your self storage unit will be safe and sound. So, without further ado, here are some things you must do to ensure and improve onsite security of self storage units.

Invest in Property Fencing

This should be your first step towards improving the security of your self storage units. And it is one of the best ways to protect your storage and the belongings inside from thieves. The type of fence you will need depends on the kind of storage you have and the type of things you plan on storing there. However, the best option for your self storage units is definitely heavy-duty commercial fencing that is both climb and cut-resistant. There are many types of property fences that are both functional and attractive. It would be best if you could see samples in person and talk to people who have experience in this area. Moreover, this property fencing will be an investment that will sell itself. When property and self storage facilities look unsafe, lacking essentials such as heavy-duty fencing, potential customers will promptly go elsewhere by hiring professional and reliable movers such as Triple 7 Movers Las Vegas.

"Do not go overboard and make your storage look like a prison."

Invest in Proper Lighting and Motion Sensors

Just as property fencing is necessary for having secure self storage units, so are proper lighting and motion sensors. Most renters will want a self storage facility they know is safe day or night. Without proper lighting that is impossible. A well-lit area where all the self storage units are located is necessary if you want to have more renters and a safer environment. Moreover, not only will you secure your property, but you will also make it look more attractive during the night. This is also another way to attract potential renters and to increase your storage renters value as well. So, while preventing crime, you can also make your logo stand out during the night.

“Use motion sensor lights in order to attract attention to the thieves. This kind of lighting will pinpoint their location. This will also lower all the energy costs and prolong the lifespan of your LED light bulbs which can be very expensive”

Invest in Security Cameras

Possibly the most important part of a secure self storage facility is having video surveillance. They are a great way to spot thieves, deter crime, and monitor onsite security of self storage units. There are various types of security cameras you can choose from:

  • Bullet Cameras - They are easily placed on a wall or ceiling, inside or out. Their biggest advantage is that they are visible, so thieves will stay away from your self storage units. But, their disadvantage is that they have only one fixed view. So, if you choose a bullet camera for your property, be sure to buy a lot of them.
  • Dome Cameras - They are more discreet than bullet cameras as they are rather small and compact. They have night vision, and heat and motion sensing technology. However, where they differ from bullet cameras, is in their wider viewing angle.
  • Wireless IP Cameras - This would be the best option for your onsite security of self storage units. These cameras collect and stream data over the wireless network. And they allow you to see your security footage from anywhere. Moreover, whenever there is a movement on your self storage property, you or your team will be notified, and you can instantly open the app and see what is going on onsite. But, bear in mind that these kind of cameras are super sensitive. They will send you notification even if a bird flies by, or if they sense a raccoon running around.

Either you choose one of these three options, or you opt for something else, make sure that your cameras are blatantly visible. That will chase away the thieves. Moreover, be sure to have those 'property under video surveillance' signs all over your storage property as an extra measure of precaution. Many renters consider security cameras to be a must-have before renting a self storage unit, so do not be stingy on this technology tool, and never compromise security over money.

Invest in Unit Alarms and Electronic Door Locks

It goes without saying that thieves are getting smarter. They know how to break into the storage property by jumping over fences and without triggering alarms. And even renters (rarely, though) can be thieves as well. By going into their own unit, they can break into each and every unit in the storage. In order to have an extra layer of protection, consider investing in unit alarms and electronic door locks. They allow renters to enter their unit by entering a code. They are especially popular in urban markets where people love using their online self-storage software. With a Smartphone, renters can open their unit with Bluetooth, share it with family members, as well as have other conveniences like our 6security - cloud access control systems, payment reminders and so on. However, bear in mind that this gadget is new on the block. And that it comes with a hefty price tag. But, if you really want to wow and impress your renters, this is the way to go.

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