How Komora Decreased 49% of their Operational Time with 6Storage

Komora Self Storage, operating in Ukraine offers warehouses for storage, for individuals and companies.

Roman is the managing director of Komora Self Storage. Prior to using 6Storage, the Komora team used the traditional paperwork and Excel to manage rental process and had a bit of struggle. The team realized the need for a tailored seamless solution to manage their daily operations + automate. At this time, Kevin started using 6Storage to merge the online and in-person rental process and collect payments on due with the payment reminders.


decrease in operational time


Streamlining storage operations


increase in payment collection

The Challenges Faced

In the past, Roman says, “the biggest problem was maintaining lease data. Overtime, we had a large no of customers and we found it hard to maintain accounts. We realized the lack of high quality service and we concerned over the history of lease contracts.”

The other challenge was using Excel as it’s prone to human errors. And so, for 6 months, we searched for different cloud solutions and open-box solutions before he landed on 6Storage.

Why 6Storage, Roman

We have been a customer since the initial stages of 6Storage launch. We faced challenges with using the software: faulty invoice calculation and advances and no option to refund money. In fact, it took us more than 4 months to fully adapt to the software and transfer all the information from Excel.

I trust 6Storage. The team listens to our concerns and develops new features. With new releases and features, 6Storage has drastically changed in a short time to a premium solution.

6Storage is an excellent solution and a great foundation for my self storage organization.

Komora’s Future Plans

Roman plans to open a 3rd storage location of 2000 sqmt and scale the business by Franchise model.