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Rental Property Owners Finally found the right Storage Management Solution

Mark and Zelda have been rental property owners of varies sizes for over forty years. We used spreadsheets to track tenants and income (a nightmare!) but now we’ve found a solution that amazingly works for us.


User Friendly Interface

Friendly Support Team


Affordable Software

At 2014, we purchased our property in Vancouver, Washington which had several existing warehouses, and truck/vehicle/equipment parking/storage sites.

We’re not a typical storage facility. Our parking is more suited towards semi-truck trailer industry.

"6storage software has been an intricate part of our success," says Mark.

Challenges Faced

We used spreadsheets to track tenants and income (and it was hard). Hence, organizing tenant space locations (sitemap) and payment collections were stressful. We wanted a system to receive tenant payments online.

In the market condition, there is a real crisis in finding parking for semi truck trailers as many cities do not allow them to park within city limits. At the same time, making enough parking spaces for the demand is not easy due to the county and state ordinances.

Why 6Storage

We began looking for parking & storage software programs to find a feasible solution instead of spreadsheets. Our main concerns were “affordable software and 100% available for support”. We spent about 6-8 months before we found 6Storage. After that we didn’t need to go through multiple software providers as we’ve found one that met our needs.

“6Storage software has truly been a blessing for us”,says Zelda.

Since 6Storage Implementation

We can easily track tenant payments now.

We are not totally computer literate and it was difficult to use the software in the beginning, but the 6Storage team was 100% supportive during the adapting phase.

“6Storage support team always greets us happily and gives 100% effort to solve issues. And they follow up to make sure all we need” , says Zelda

As far as a site management program or software 6storage has met all of our concerns and continues to do so, which is more important. We’re happy with the customer support and the ability to customize the software settings to meet our unique needs.

“6Storage is not only affordable, have met our management needs, and have exceeded all expectations in customer support” , says Mark.

Your Future Plans

Possibly in the next 2 years, we want to add 50 to 100 more spaces. But it’s difficult due to the county & state ordinances.