The novel COVID-19 pandemic has affected businesses worldwide. Massive panic and social distancing rules certainly didn't have any positive effects on the economy. And sure enough, the storage industry wasn't spared, either. Self-storage owners are now going through a crisis that could very easily have long-term and negative results. And as if promoting your business and trying to get an edge over the competition wasn't hard enough, you now have to fight the invisible opponent, as the new virus is now being referred to. For that reason, your self-storage marketing strategies during the COVID pandemic need to be well-thought-out and confidence-boosting.

Many self-storage owners are tempted to just call it a day after a reduced interest in storage services. That makes sense, as you probably feel like you are fighting a losing battle. In reality, this is your time to shine and earn the trust of dozens, if not hundreds of new customers. And that's what will happen if you learn how to handle the COVID crisis and promote your business the right way.

Care is important now more than ever

It seems like the current situation can be described with one word only - uncertainty. You are not sure how hard the global recession will hit your business, you don't know when you will be able to get things back on track, and you are not even sure that your business will survive. But there's one thing you need to understand - the lives of your prospective customers are also riddled with different uncertainties. For that reason, a lot of marketing specialists advise you to pull back on making hard-sales, focusing your efforts, instead, on showing compassion and care.

Business transparency should be one of your main self-storage marketing tactics during the COVID pandemic. People are scared, and they are looking for reassurance in all spheres of life. And life does need to go on: people still rely on vital services, like those in the middle of moving their entire life to another state. We all know how scary and stressful this entire ordeal is.

However, nothing compares to the health scare going on around the world. One of the best ways to show your concern is by being transparent with the way you've taken care of staff. Feel free to show that you have protected your staff through social distancing, paid leave, and working from home accommodations. That's bound to earn you a few points with both prospective customers and your employees.

Being understanding of the financial hardships

It goes without saying that health takes precedence over money. However, the financial aspect can't possibly be forgotten. Business owners are struggling to get customers only because people are struggling to afford the bare necessities. It’s a vicious circle with no solution in sight. But alleviating some of the monetary pressure off your existing customers is definitely going to make you look good while helping you keep your existing customers around. You can do that by:

  • Placing a freeze on rate increases
  • Waiving late fees
  • Offering different payment plans for those customers who are nearing bankruptcy

We see how this might seem illogical. Won't you be losing money with these special measures? While your profit might be lower than usual, at least you'll enjoy a luxury not many other businesses have - staying afloat.

Keeping in touch as one of the leading self-storage marketing strategies during COVID pandemic

People all over the states are forced to stay in their homes. And you probably even have to manage your facilities remotely or, at least, have to do so with your staff. After spending weeks in isolation, there's one thing people need more than anything, and that's conversation. The beauty of it is that it doesn't have to be a face-to-face conversation. All you have to do is check up with your prospects and tenants. The conversation itself doesn't have to be anything more than a couple of exchanged messages. It just has to show that you care, which will leave a positive and long-lasting impression.

There are many ways to convey your message and carry out a perfect marketing strategy during the COVID pandemic. Use this opportunity to be active on different social media platforms and really engage with your audience. You can even turn the entire situation to your favor by strengthening bonds with your current tenants and familiarizing others with your self-storage business.

Show you are there for your community

When it comes to building your self-storage brand, your actions will speak louder than words. Much louder. And the current global crisis is the definition of the perfect time to show your care for the community. Lots of people have suffered due to the novel virus. Take students as an example. A lot of them have been displaced for the spring and have been forced to urgently move out of their dorms. As a self-storage owner, you can offer special rates or temporary giveaways until a better solution becomes available. Or until the virus just runs its course and everything returns back to normal.

With special deals and discounts, your business is bound to get more visibility in the local community. Business visibility translates to more customers, more customers equals increased profit, which ensures you successfully survive the COVID pandemic. Besides, there's one other benefit you'll get by helping those in need - the amazing feeling of helping others. During times of crisis where desperation is just around the corner, every feeling that will lift your mood is welcome.

Different marketing strategies apply during a global pandemic

It goes without saying that your primary goal will be to lessen the blow of the COVID pandemic on your business. But it also wouldn't hurt if you did some good in the process, right? For that reason, the best self-storage marketing strategies during the COVID pandemic should not be focused on hard-sales. They need to be oriented towards the community. By showing people you care about them, as well as your staff, you will build a good brand image, all the while helping those in need. Rest assured that as soon as this is all over, you will be well-awarded for your efforts. Until then, stay safe and healthy.

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