Noke is the new Bluetooth enabled gate access system, to lock the units without ever using keypads


Not only units, but gates and other entry-ways in your facility.

  • Does your customer lose the unit keys often?
  • Does your customer forget gate access codes?
  • Does your customer use a smartphone?

If yes, then Noke smart lock is a good investment.

Noke smart lock is a new gate access solution from Janus International group, a global manufacturer and supplier of turn-key self storage.

Instead of keypads, Noke uses a smart entry app and to electronically lock the units. In addition, Noke’s entry system features thermal monitoring and activity monitoring. The smart app is easy to use and comes with 5 language settings.

Like other gate access systems:

Noke system provides detailed user activity: to know when tenants enter the unit, how long they spend in the unit, how often tenants open the unit.

Auto lock units for overdue leases. You can restore access instantly once payment is made.

Unlike other gate access systems:

The digital key can be revoked at any time

Noke system offers a much user friendly experience for key sharing.

There’s no need for multiple keys for multiple properties. Instead, you can rekey via Bluetooth and overlock units from offsite (aiding in automation of overlocking overdue leases)

  • No need to remove overlocks or replace locks
  • No need for multiple keys for multiple properties
  • Simple accountability and easy integration with 6Storage
  • No need to walk through the facility to check if the units are locked correctly
  • Increase in revenue, by charging a premium price for the modern gate access