A Family Owned Facility Emerges Online With 6Storage

Mifflin Road Storage is a family-owned business in rural West Tennessee. Mostly local customers and referrals; but after the online presence (website), Mifflin has a solid mix of customers from referrals and online medium.


Live Chat Support

Online Payment & Invoicing


Improved Web Presence

Why 6Storage, Jeff

For a week, Jeff looked for a facility management solution. His main concerns were 1) Improved Web Presence and 2) Online payment and Invoicing.

6Storage provides a targeted solution for a reasonable price. The demo is free and valuable and I have an excellent experience with live support chat.

The biggest challenges are keeping the storage facility simple and affordable. So we went from manual / spreadsheet process to online rental process. This gives me time to manage my other businesses.

Since 6Storage Implementation

The 6Storage adapting phase was easy. There’s no measurable productivity but 6Storage made me realize new capabilities such as rental history and payment tracking. Plus 6Storage is simple and cost-effective.

Especially, the online presence increased inquiry calls.

What’s Valuable About 6Storage

My favorite feature is the ease of generating invoices and posting payments (including ad hoc discounts). Secondly, the online chat support feature. I have instant access to support at any time.

What Jeff Needs

Jeff wants the 6Storage admin management portal to work better on the iPhone; then you can simply type in the unit number and check the lease details.


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6Storage, 2nd Floor, Greeta Tech Park, Perungudi, Chennai ,India 600096.

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