Running a storage renting business may be an interesting choice of career. First of all, it is far from boring, since you get to meet plenty of interesting people. Furthermore, as people are constantly getting more and more things without any place to put them, there is a high demand for storage units of all sorts.

However, as with everything else, this line of work also has its own issues to deal with. With that in mind, the goal of this article is to focus on the most common problems faced by self-storage owners. Hopefully, in the end, you should have enough knowledge to prepare yourself for all the potential issues. Finally, you should be able to solve those issues without them affecting your business. Let's start!

The lack of service and communication towards customers

One of the main benefits of running a storage business is that it generates passive income . A customer rents it and pays for it as long as they use it. It does not really count as "hard work". Well, that's where the danger lies.

There are plenty of examples of storage owners where employees work from home and communicate with customers in their pajamas. There is no real sense of "going to work". You can explain the procedure to a customer via a telephone, read scripted lines and prices, etc. That is a bad and outdated practice and a poor example of how to treat your customers.

Even though this might not be the case with you, think about how your company communicates with your clients. Is there any place for improvement? You shouldn’t be lulled into a false sense of security.


If you truly wish to leave a great impression with your customers, prepare a small survey they can fill out and give you valuable feedback. A customer who can communicate any potential issues will be a satisfied customer. There is nothing worse than receiving a service you are not satisfied with, and not being able to do something about it.

Thinking about what you can do to improve your business is important at all times. However, in the times like the current COVID-19 pandemic, it is even more important to try anything to keep your storage company out of the crisis.

Modernize your approach to running your business

If we look at the example from the last section, it is important to ask yourself - what can I do to make my business stand out from the rest? You may have competition just a few miles away. Why would someone pick you over them?

If you set low standards and achieve the goal that comes with them, it may seem like a success. However, it is much better to have high standards and even unreachable goals, because that will always push you forward . One of the things you can do is modernize.

A good way to modernize your storage company and stand out from the rest is to introduce new options for your clients. Provide guided online tours, revise pricing, improve storage facilities, and, most importantly, educate renters about packing and other responsibilities

Remember - the way you treat your customers is the way you treat your business!

How to promote your business during COVID-19 outbreak

Along with many others, your business could be suffering right now. So, it is imperative to talk about marketing tactics for promoting storage business during the pandemic. People are not that willing to get in touch with others, and they like to keep their distance.

With that being said, it is crucial to find ways to make your business enticing, and most of all, safe!

  • First step - online communication!

    As mentioned before, online tours of storage units are a must. However, there is more to that than meets the eye. Make sure that you have a fast internet connection. You want to avoid any breakdowns in communication.

    Furthermore, make sure that your employees who speak with customers have a professional approach. They should all wear uniforms and be well prepared to answer all questions

Because of the global COVID-19 outbreak, many businesses had to close their doors. People do not feel safe, and they do not want to risk their health. When advertising your business, a smart approach is to focus on safety and social distance. If your customers do not feel at risk, you will be able to run your business.
  • Second step - contactless self-storage rentals!

    With the virus spreading via touch, people are looking for contactless options wherever they go. With the help of contactless technology for self-storage units, you are offering your clients a way to feel safe.

Staying in the past may bury your business

If you had some success with your business, you shouldn’t rest on your laurels. Times change and your customers’ needs change as well.

Similar to modernizing your business, you must modernize your staff as well. If you have a storage manager who is with you for a long period of time but is not doing a good job anymore, you must decide between the two steps:

  • Train him to become better and raise the level of service
  • Let him go and find another storage manager

If you don't want to let go of certain things because of sentimentality, your business will eventually suffer.

One of the most common problems faced by self-storage owners - failing to research your competitors!

Remember this - as soon as you have some success, your competitors will be all over you like vultures. They will want to know what you did to attract customers, only so they could have even better service and take those customers away from you. Well, it is best to take the proactive approach and keep a close eye on what your competitors are doing. This way, you will always be one step ahead of them!

Understanding customers’ demands is the only way to improve your storage business. Customers change over time, and you as a company must not only keep up, but be ahead. By analyzing their current requirements, you must learn how to predict their future needs and be ready to offer your solutions.

Thinking about possible problems will help you prepare for when they come!

This is valuable advice. There is no point in discussing the most common problems faced by self-storage owners if you are not willing to make an effort and think for yourself . Use this article as a small guide that should help you to understand how to focus on important aspects of your business. Never stop thinking about how to improve your business, and how to prevent it from crashing down. As soon as you let your guard down, that's when they take you out. Stay alert!

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