In line with the preferred Operating system, our management software works perfectly in tune to offer you an interactive environment –without any restriction on the platform one uses.


Platform Independent

Walk the storage facility our software accords a simple, easy accessible event –even a sudden type.

6Storage provides consistent service for data transfer between different compute 1st compute and storage services. In other words, this service is simply a data-driven workload management system, which provides a management fees for managing and monitoring of data-driven workloads in cloud applications.

Easy-simple – hassle free

6storage brings to you an interesting feature which refers to multiple compatibility. Our software-s are both qualitative and competitive. We like to offer genuineness even if the project is a small one.

The most striking benefit of using Cloud storage for both small and big organizations is reduced cost implications .A small survey shows cloud-storage charges merely less than three cents per GB to pile data . All the users can realize add-on cost control because it is quite evident.


Deployment Edit

This segment offers the utility Manager or clients a declarative template which is based on Amazon Web service platform. We learn to send out a mail city details for providing deployment and management of applications in the cloud.

Software supports both platforms including Android and iOS. This has supported me the console.

Our software provides configuration, simple navigation guide,-and explains concepts in minimum guided steps.