How much time do you spend for a rental?

The storage world today has aged much wherein we’ve incorporated new technologies to better manage our day to day operations at the facility. A recent survey conducted in California proves that a manager/operator spends an average of 15mins with a customer to help them in renting a unit.

Of which 8mins involves in collecting their info to feed into the software, It gets even worse when the tenant would like to rent more than 2 units. WHY? No software program yet has delivered the option for you to perform multiple unit rentals in just one step. It’s just too complicated to retype the same info about the tenant for another unit they’d like each time.

6Storage – Our Breakthrough solution to rent multiple units in just under a minute!

We are proud to be the first Facility management software in the Industry that allows multiple unit rentals in a simple way; this could come of great help when a tenant decides to rent more than a unit with you.

Got a tenant who’d wish to rent 8 units with you, No worries it’s all just going to take 2 simple steps!

We Understand You!

We have understood the demand and the need for such a feature in the storage industry for long; we also do know that the customer is not going to be happy to wait for a long time to have his Invoice or lease agreement. I will need to remind you again that this was and has been a request by many of our clients and other Storage operators, we’ve heard their cry in various forums and posts and understood the NEED, thus simply bought it to life for all to Benefit.

Check out on how our clients benefit from the new feature!

We’re Unique

The storage industry has been way too good since the past few years with an average of 85% occupancy in any city across any state. Having said that the Self Storage business has proven to be profitable for any Investor/Owner, thus all the other factors one would need to look into would be on how to smoothly run the operations at the facility.

We find that many Storage Operators have embraced new technology to better manage their operations; some have even stepped further to have various automations in place thus helping them run a facility unmanned and just simply monitoring all remotely.

Though there are many options in the storage community for a full-featured facility management software, it’s advisable to go with the one that would understand the way you work and offer you something that could be tailored to your needs.

Quite a few would fit into that sort and 6Storage happens to be one among them where most of our new features are thoughts and suggestions from Clients, It’s proven to be a favorite amongst our clientele and often to be spoken about in the industry.

Multiple Move-in feature

Multiple Move-in feature

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