In 6Storage, PTI Security systems is the access control source to ensure the security of your facility. They help you to access all your individual units from one place.

The PTI security system provides flawless integration with 6Storage. It performs simple process to automate the security system.

Step 1:
When the lease is created from the 6Storage application, it will generate a unique DAT file which is sent to the Storlogix bridge component.

Step 2:
The StorLogix accepts the file. After processing, the resultant will be directed to the falcon XT acceptable form.

Step 3:
The Falcon XT convert the received data to generate unique access code for the unit which is moved in.

Step 4:
Tenant can use the generated code to access their units. In case of delinquency, the admin can suspend or deny the access, and the code can be re-generated any number of times.

By the integration of this PTI system, a user can efficiently manage the un-manned storage facility.