Rent a unit online on Sunday - Amazing, right?

Online Rental

How does it sound to keep renting units online at any time without seeing your tenants? Easy, right? 6Storage has got that sorted for you. Right from your website, your tenants can make online move-ins by which they can rent/reserve a unit online, assign themselves a unique gate access code, and move-in - without talking to anyone. The entire process is fully integrated with your 6Storage management software.

How does 6Storage solve the problem of online rentals?

Several self storage owners want their online rentals to include tenant insurance, extra services, auto recurring billing, payment types, tax calculations and discounts, pricing, etc. 6Storage has all that and even more for an easy online move-in.

  • Rent/Reserve Units Online - Let your storers select their desired location, building, and the unit size from your website. They can rent/reserve units online depending on their choice and make payments later.
  • Verify Identity Online - Collect an identity proof from your tenants in order to avoid any legal battle. Specify the valid identity proof that you require when your tenants make an online move-in.
  • Accept Auto Pay Online - After selecting the storage space, your tenants have the convenience to setup automatic recurring billing for that particular unit before proceeding to payments.
  • Collect Payments Online - Your tenants can pay their rentals online via our multiple payment providers - Select Merchant Solutions, Vantiv, eMerchantPay, and Stripe, right from their smartphones.
  • Online Electronic Signature - Give your tenants the flexibility to complete all paperwork without any pen and paper. Capture their signature directly and approve the electronically signed lease agreement.
  • Online Integration with Gates - Our gate systems - PTI, SC Solutions and QuikStor provide flawless integration with your management software. When your tenants specify access codes for the units they rent, it gets synced with your gate software.
Online rental

Some storage owners would be ready to rent their units online but require the tenant to stop by their storage facility. However, in today's day-and-age, with the growth in technology, it is necessary to have your systems speed up, not only for your own benefit but also for your customers benefit. With online move-ins, allow your storers to move-in online at any time, complete all the paperwork electronically, and make payments via your mobile-friendly self storage website. This way, you could help tenants save time and effort required during a move-in, and offer the exact place to keep their precious belongings.

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