if it's worth storing, it's worth insuring.

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Why SBOATenant Insurance?

They’ve been voted as the best tenant insurance product in ISS (Inside Self Storage) for the past six years in a row. What more you ask?


They are Compliant with state law

Being administered by Cornerstone Insurance Producers which is licensed in all of fifty states and more, SBOATI is offered widely in all states.



They offer Creative Solutions to the ever changing challenges within the storage industry by offering an extensive list of diverse packages.


Designed with you in mind

That’s right, It was Originally designed by the storage industry’s top operators/owners, So we understand both you and your tenants wants and needs.

Most Powerful & Inexpensive self storage facility management software in the Market!

We’ve won the hearts of many small and medium storage operators/owners with the powerful management tool that we offer at a much affordable price. We’ve always had great support to all the new features we bring into the product that helps you better and in the recent months we’ve been trying to work along with other service vendors to offer a much better package to you.

That decision brought us to start working with SBOATI, to help you storage operators offer the best form of security for what your tenant’s store.

An insurance product that was created
by self storage owners for self storage owners,
with tenants in mind.

How SBOA Tenant Insurance Works With 6Storage?

SBOATI is fully integrated with 6Storage’s insurance system and thus automates the communication between both platforms; this delivers accurate and faster processing of data. A few clicks could help you export the data that our system requires to monitor your insurance tracker from 6Storage.

Furthermore, SBOATI uses 6Storage's API to collect insurance transactions that’s needed for important internal records. Once again where we deliver, ease of use to you - for better storage management.