Yes it’s awful to have your website data altered. I’ve heard hackers use simple website servers to perform illegal actions.

While your facility website (does not really) require high level of security like the Amazon website, you don’t have to understand everything about website security.

You can 1) choose to hire someone and get your website security handled (less effort for you) or 2) leave it unless a serious threat shows up and then ask for help.

This article presents the opportunities you create with a modern website and highlights the 2 basic website security parameters you need to look out for + a simple solution.

I brief on the parameters in simple language so you can easily get it.

Why Care About Website?

A modern website presents your credibility online. When people research for storage facilities online and find your website on Google search, you want them to understand your service easily.

In this way, you create opportunities.. atleast 20% of your website visitors will turn into paying tenants.

A modern website pictures your facility’s benefits and acts as a sales person to capture paying tenants.

And, the website allows you to integrate with storage management software and to reserve units with your tenants.

TIP: “Do you not have a website? 6Storage brings an affordable solution.. more on that later.”

Website design and content depend on the regions. I’ve noticed that simple websites are effective in the US, whereas, in UK and non-US countries: blogs play a vital role in attracting customers.

Assuming you run your website on Wordpress platform, have you ever noticed the “https” on the url. To understand https, you need to know about SSL Certificate.

SSL Certificate and HTTPS

SSL Certificate allows secure connections from a web server to a browser. That means, your credit card transactions, data transfer and logins are secured.

In technical terms, SSL Certificates bind together: domain name, server name or hostname.

TIP: "6Storage application and website are SSL certified.”

When the certificate is successfully installed to your website, the application protocol on the url (HTTP) changes to HTTPS (where S means secure)

Mostly, all websites created on Wordpress platform come with https. To check, enter your facility name on Google search and click the url. If the url is not https, get a free SSL certificate from Let’s Encrypt or choose paid options from GoGetSSL and SSL.

I Do Not Have A Website. What To Do?


You simply create a website. Here are 2 free options: Weebly and Wix . Use these options and create your basic website. You might have to pay for these platforms to use the additional features.

TIP: "Weebly websites come with https”

It’s valuable to find a company like 6Storage that has extensive industry knowledge on self storage. 6Storage has created 56+ (basic & modern) websites for storage facilities.

You can have a website of 5-7 pages and integrate your existing management software to the website. View the templates

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