NewWhat makes your tenant to comeback to your website again and again? - A True 3D Space Optimization Calculator See Demo

Easy to Calculate

3D storage space calculator build for smart storage owners like you on packing algorithms

A better way to find your tenants unit sizes than ever

40+ Inventory types

Wide range of most commonly used inventories for your tenants to choose from.

Unit Snapshot

Download and instantly share the snapshot of the unit upon calculating the size for reference

Real time packing

Built on packing algorithm which gives the best way to store maximum items in less space.

Personalized theme

Standout from the crowd by giving a unique look on your website


Built on AWS deep learning translation which can be easily translated to your tenant’s native language

Direct booking

Options provided for the tenants to book directly from the "Size Recommendation"

How it works

Customize inventory
Integrate (one-liner code)
Rent/Reserve unit
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Do more with 6Reckoner

To make the perfect calculator for your business, you just need to add the most stored items by your customers.

  • Take a look on how you can solve your tenants problem on choosing the Right unit
  • Exactly know how much space your tenant is needed for their items and how can they arrange effectively


So, Yes! 6Reckoner has been designed to work on any platform. You can easily achieve this by adding a script to your website and it is optimized for mobile as well.
Yes, Our 6Reckoner can speak all of your local languages, if you see that your language is not available raise a query to and our dev team updates them in minutes.
Yes 6Reconer supports m3 dimension and also it supports in centimeter & Feet
6Reckoner gives you the nearest realistic match compared to other storage space calculators. The unique feature of 6Reckoner will allow your tenants to get a visual representation of how the items can be arranged effectively.