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Why storage facilities use storage space calculator

Confusion nullified

You have various sizes of storage units, and your tenants wouldn’t know which unit is the right fit. Some clicks on the space storage calculator will give you the exact unit size, plus it’s fun to use

Unit size queries

Some prospective tenants may phone and ask you a lot of questions on unit size. Give them the calculator and ease their overall renting experience

Big players

Leading small to big self storage facilities have been using the calculator for a rich renting experience

Sensible Design

Complete item list on one page to get the approximate unit size

Multi-channel 24/7 support

We may be a tech company, but not bots. Talk to a real human any day, any medium –24/7 on livechat or email or call

Easy To Integrate

Plug in to your website with an iFrame code

Sensible Storage Calculator

A simple storage calculator for quick unit size reference!

The calculator helps tenants to decide on the storage unit size. Choose from 7 categories and simply click “+” to add household items.

Just $50 one-time charge

Let your tenants rent the right units with ease

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