What’s the demand for Self-Storage Coupons/Discounts out there?

That shouldn’t have been a question….. We all know as with any expense, you want the most for your money.

Let’s think from a tenant’s perspective, under what situation would they want a storage unit?

  • Perhaps you’ve got unexpected guests to stay at your home and you need to make more space for them.
  • Or you just landed on a new job several miles away and are now having to handle moving expenses.

Whatever the case, the bottom-line is that if they are thinking about getting a self-storage unit for more space, chances are they’re wondering on how to get a good deal.

To wrap that in simple terms - a prospect would have a need for space for any reason, but that turns to a “search for the best deal” and not often the best storage, of course they do look for a safe, clean and a secure place; but that’s at leverage on what they’d store in the unit. Maybe I just need to layoff my couch for a month since my parents visited from abroad, I’m pretty sure most people would lean towards the best rental discount offered rather than the most secure high tech facility.

Did you know that all storage operators be it Big or Small still do offer coupons and discounts to better engage with customers and build long term relations, after all its them that promotes a storage brand for the better or the worse.

What’s been the common Discounts offered in the storage world?

It’s great that you’ve decided to read along more and know on how better to offer self storage discounts and coupons. There’s a pretty common pattern followed throughout all storage facilities for this, most facilities offer military and senior discounts. Fewer offer student discounts, but it never hurts to ask.

There are quite a few discounts that you’d find on leverage in having you sign on to rent for a minimum two months or more, with that you could normally find the following self storage discounts.

First month FREE, or for $1 : You could normally offer this to any tenant who’d wish to sign a rental for 2 months, this has been used at large in most storage facilities and quite work best in attracting new tenants.

First-month Freebies : This works best if you’re also selling merchandises along with rentals, not all tenants are gonna have all they’d need to securely store their items in the units. Offering a FREE Lock or a few boxes and some tape is gonna work perfectly in building your customer service reputation amongst tenants.

Percentage Offers : It’s quite simple and people love ads that reads 30% off or 60% just today, play big with numbers that catches the eye of your prospects easily. You could play around with them often to see which discount fits best both for you and your tenants.

Price slashes on long-term rentals : We’re often gonna have tenants who opt a unit for a month and turn out to be renting them for over 3 to 6 months, offer them a decisive deal to make that decision at the start. Let’s say your average 10x10 costs $50, give a discount on them for $45/month on the quarterly rental; $35/month on the annual rental. This could give you a better chance to engage long-term customers and potential referrals through them.

How could this help the storage business?

We’re finally where we sit back to think on how best this could benefit the business? ; well most self storage facilities grow their customer base while offering the best for their tenants, because in time these potential clients could bring forth more new prospects through a referral program. Even more drop a discount for their effort in helping you, if people you refer to the facility end up renting, you get a discount.

What’s more important is reviews, people’s perception on your storage brand spreads like fire and is something that you’d need to look upon closely. Satisfying your customer and engaging them to drop reviews about your place is not only gonna fetch you new tenants but also increase your Online presence. We live in a world that’s addicted to believing on what’s on the web, better rated and reviewed storage facilities are best preferred by tenants as it saves them the time to visit the facility before renting a unit.

It’s the fewest of changes that often sets us apart from the competition, satisfied customers always turn to be the best result for business expansions

How do I manage them? Keep a track?

If you’re reading this, you’re at a point wherein you’ve convinced yourself to go ahead with a few discounts this summer and that’s Good!

But now comes a problem to manage these against billings, reports and even more how do you avail a discount for people that rent online????

Most self storage management software’s do have the facility that helps you avail discounts. However here’s where 6Storage stands out by not just helping you offer discounts; But Create unique Discount modules as to however you’d like and also automate them. Here’s a quick example to set things clear,

Let’s say you’ve created a discount for a month free on the quarterly plan for a 20x20 unit this summer (June to august); you’ve started promoting this huge offer all around your community since the 1st June and forget all about it, Not to worry as even if you proceed with a rental from the software or from your website 6Storage could automatically avail the discount if a 20x20 is chosen for the quarterly rental.

How cool is that, setup your discounts for the entire year right at the start and all could automatically fall in place perfectly. Even more all our reports will reflect these accordingly and give you statistics on your revenue and potential sale.


different styles of self storage discounts

different styles of self storage discounts

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