You might be wondering if your storage facility needs a website. You could be on the fence about whether or not you really need one. The answer is simple- you do! Every self-storage facility needs a website as part of its marketing plan in this day and age of social media, paid advertising, and many other types of digital marketing. Even if you don't rent units directly through your website, hundreds of potential customers will visit your self-storage facility's virtual showroom every day. Here’s why you need to build a good and reliable website for your self-storage facility.

Branding and competition

Customers are increasingly relying on web searches to locate self-storage facilities. They probably won't discover you if you don't have a website. Renters will go to the websites of their rivals, who have already invested in marketing online, to discover and reserve units.

Additionally, your branding is important in order to draw in new customers. Unlike with a Facebook or other social media page, you may exert greater control over your online identity with a personalized website. Create a marketing website that has your own company's colors, logo, and other identifying elements. When you run the show, it's all about you.


Feedback is very important. Those with a positive online leasing experience are more likely to post positive feedback or recommend your services to their friends and family. When things go wrong, though, it might cost you more than just one rental to deal with the fallout.

Visitors to your self-storage facility's website should leave it certain that they've found the finest answer to their storage needs. As our friends at Spyder Moving know well, customers have become accustomed to checking out product reviews before making a purchase. Generating and publishing glowing testimonials is a great way to boost public perception of your business and keep site visitors interested. In addition, it prevents potential customers from going elsewhere to look for them. Last but not least, by emphasizing the most helpful postings, you can make the most of your finest marketing tool: happy renters.

Saving time

The worst thing is to have a flood of calls from potential customers all asking the same thing on the same day. The use of a script on your website can reduce your natural charisma and ability to persuade after a while. The owner of a self-storage facility needs a website that addresses the most frequently asked questions from prospective renters.

This will aid in maintaining and speeding up the progression of customers through your sales process. If a self-storage facility doesn't have a website or doesn't provide the necessary information, potential customers will likely look elsewhere. Customers may be able to avoid leaving the convenience of their homes if the self-storage facility has a user-friendly website that makes it easy to rent a space online or over the phone. Based on your company's needs, you can decide how simple the checkout process for your customers should be.


Another goal for many self-service storages is automation. You will need a top-notch website that performs a lot of groundwork if you want to fully automate your facility. An integral part of any crewless operation is a website that facilitates online renting, a renter portal, and payments. One method to save money on labor and attract new clients is to automate certain aspects of your storage company.

Visual proof

Images on a website have a functional purpose as well as an aesthetic one. In fact, quality ones can help you connect with clients more personally than text does, in part because they are easier to absorb. Pictures showcasing your facility's cleanliness, for instance, are more convincing than a list of bullet points asserting the same thing. If you claim your facility has amenities worth paying for, you have to prove it to the customer! Having professional-looking pictures taken can help clients get a favorable impression of your company.

People not only spend more time on image-rich websites, but they also consume more text when photos are strategically placed across the page. The ability to view merchandise before the purchase is important to consumers. Include high-resolution photographs that do justice to your self-storage facility and its many perks while designing your website.

Easier finances

Customers have more payment options to choose from when you have a website. Reduce the number of rent payments that are late by making it simple for tenants to pay their rent on time. With the correct set of automated processes in place, you can provide your tenants with digital messages and updates, as well as access to account management and bill payment portals. The advantages of accepting payments via your website become readily evident when all of this occurs automatically without the need to devote time and energy to making collections calls.

Increase traffic

Customers looking for storage facilities online will have no trouble finding yours if you have a marketing website set up. Ensuring your website makes use of search engine optimization strategies, such as title tags and meta descriptions, employing the appropriate keywords, and providing a quick and error-free page experience for users, can help you achieve this goal. Good search engine optimization (SEO) will boost your site's visibility in results for visitors looking for storage facilities in your region.

Keeps your facility full

Everyone, whether they're settling down in one place for the long haul or continuously on the go, could use a little bit of extra storage space. Finding locals interested in what you're selling is made easier thanks to your website. Self-storage tenants will have an easier time locating your business with a website.

Most of your online advertising initiatives should focus on driving people to your site. Both organic search engine optimization and Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising for self-storage have one thing in common: the resulting influx of customers must be directed someplace. You should think about how your customers will interact with your website and how to move them through the sales funnel so that they may rent a unit from you while designing your storage website. If you can keep your building occupied, you can also raise prices and not lose customers.

Final words

Your self-storage facility needs a website in today's market. For your self-storage business, it may serve various purposes. It can enable you to rent out your storage space whenever you want, day or night, even if there isn't a manager on duty. One of the finest methods to ensure a prosperous self-storage business is to create a website that is up-to-date, user-friendly, and straightforward.

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