There is no free lunch in self-storage or anywhere else. So, how do you go getting the most value for your hard-earned storage management dollar? Some might say you get what you pay for. Some might say; “Why pay it all my notebook works just fine.” And I get my free lunch. Not so fast. When it comes time to sell your business there is about a 99% chance that the person buying will not be impressed by the “notebook”. And that will cost you. At 6Storage we say it's about the value derived over the value of expended. That is how we look at it.

Some people like to drive Maseratis to work. Sure Maseratis are status symbols, and there is value in that. A Maserati means you have enough excess income to afford a six-figure car, but it will still just transport you from home to work and back to home. And if you stay within the confines of the law they really don't do a much better job than the average no-frills pickup truck. However, they may look cooler, they may have a much higher top end, and they may attract the attention of law enforcement officers, but in the end, they just get you back and forth to work the same as the pickup truck. And if you need to move a refrigerator a Maserati is probably a poor choice. Now, with your self-storage business you can pay for the Maserati of software and it'll look flashy, it will have bells and whistles you never use, and a whole bunch of features that never get looked at, or you can come to 6Storage and you can get a fantastic software experience or very little value spent and a whole lot of value derived.

Our software is $29.99 a month and that is a full-service package. What's included with that package? I'll tell you set up comes free with your trial? 24/7 LIVE tech support, online billing, online payments, a public-facing website with SEO on the URL you supplied (or we can get you one), an administrative website that has a sitemap, tenant history, over 50 different business reports, and the ability to do point-of-sale transactions, plus too many more benefits to list in this article. However; even our great software will not move the refrigerator. So, you still need a pickup truck for that. If you like paying for the Maserati, well that is up to you, but if you would like the best value in Self Storage management software call us today will set you up for a two-month trial, you can cancel anytime, and we will earn your business every day.

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