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Starting $39.99 + $0.40/unit per month(up to 500 unit)

One time set up cost $275 $500

More than 500 units? Contact Us for a Special Price
  • One Dashboard
  • Manage Multiple Location
  • Intuitive Sitemap & Move in/out
  • Lead management
  • XML Invoicing
  • Payments & Invoicing
  • Automatic Invoicing with recurring option
  • Automatic Payments reminders
  • Automated Late Fee Calculations
  • Integration with Payment Processors
  • Ease of access
  • Native Language
  • Customizable dashboard
  • Manage Merchandise
  • Communication
  • Send marketing/transactional emails with preloaded templates
  • SMS message with default templates
  • Unlimited Email Communications & Analytics
  • Billing
  • Design Invoice, Lease & Rental Contract from Templates
  • Customize Invoices & Receipts in your preferred languages
  • Account Access
  • Create Roles to Manage users and delegate tasks
  • Manage permissions for users and Roles
  • Manage Multiple locations in super-admin
  • Flexible to manage all types of storage businesses
  • Accounting
  • Integrations with Accounting software’s
  • Manage Multiple Taxes
  • Custom Promotional discounts
  • Manage Late payments
  • Security
  • Integration with Security Gate Access Systems
  • Support
  • 24/7 Chat, Email & Phone Support
  • Shared Account Manager
  • Unique & Simple Tenant Portal
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We accept card payments via Emerchantpay for all global customers. We also accept payments by wire transfer or Paypal
No we do not, unless there is a specific reason, and on a case by case scenario
To Start with our team would share a quick checklist with you towards having your account entirely setup and closely follow-up with you in having it all completed in not more than 5 days. The Checklist includes us understanding your business better, the units you offer, their prices, your specials/discounts, taxations, current tenant details, their balance & credits and much more.
With a website, your tenants can rent units via the tenant portal. Choose a template from here; We’ll modify the website template as you perfer. If you want unique features or more customization, you can opt for the hire the developer option: Reach out to for info.
Yes, you sure can. You’d be able to setup auto recurring payments for any of your tenants, having the auto-invoicing feature set along with this works great. So they receive the Invoice to their email/sms the 1st of each month and their card is being charged automatically as well.
The software offers an extensive of 40+ reports of which 12 focus just upon the financial & accounting sector. Many of our clients create another user for their accountants so they can login and download the needed reports anytime. Also all 40+ reports can be exported as a PDF or an Excel Spreadsheet.
Serving a global clientele, we have a few options you could choose from based on their popularity or the transaction charges they imply for each transaction. Check out our partners page to learn more about them.
That’d be one of the sole purpose of the cloud based solution that we offer, Buying the software coupled with our Security Gate Access System and a Website – You’d be able to manage your business on the go and run the facility unmanned. Check out how one of our clients manage a truck storage yard | unmanned | 800miles across.