Storage business has been too good the past few years and in certain regions it’s sure to not go down anytime soon. So we’ve invested in owning a facility, marketed the Storage brand to the community, have Consistent rentals flow-in and make good money. What’s next?

We’re leaning to a phase where newly emerging storage facilities are often a second investment or a partial side business for many, what these investors are looking for is a solid setup that’d help them run and manage the storage business unmanned. Now there are tons of things they’d need to focus upon to achieve this, but the most important would always be – Security

Any facility operator/owner is sure to have a good night’s sleep when he/she knows that he’s got the site heavily protected, that he get’s notified within seconds towards an intruder alert and in minutes the cops being automatically alerted.

Being the Most Affordable Self Storage Software Vendor out there in the Market, we’ve now launched our very own Security Gate Access systems!

It’s sure to be the Most Flexible | Most Secure & still be the Most Affordable cloud access control in the Industry serving globally.

Our Base system could be coupled with the many options we offer from Cloud-based Connectors helping you eliminate the need for a Desktop computer to be ON at all times at the site, to IR/Microwave sensors that can detect motions within units to trigger alarms.

Or even more utilize an Idea of our own towards having your Online deliveries directed to a storage unit/locker with an electronic code + IR Sensors and Live monitoring. Eliminating the need for you to be available at home, when a package arrives from Amazon. It’s a functioning method that drives added revenue at one of our very own facilities!

With a variety of options to choose from to build your level of Security, the sky is your limit with US!

Take a look at how 6Security Gates works at an Installation in 1Spazio | Italy.

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