Sharing anything, no matter how big or small, how significant or irrelevant, is always troublesome. How many friendships do you know of which were ruined due to the notion of sharing property? That is why you need to take particular care when stepping into binding agreement about sharing storage with friends.

Yes, a storage unit is no big deal, and basically serves as a second garage. However, this does not change the fact that sharing a storage unit can be very exhausting. It comes with certain obstacles that we might be able to assist you with.

"Sharing a storage unit can be very exhausting”

Why People Share Storage Units With Friends

Mostly – the price. , Renting a long-term storage unit (especially a climate controlled one) is an expense that most people simply can’t afford. However, another thing that you can’t afford is to clutter your home or keep some of your valuable memorabilia or precious belongings in your basement or attic. And so, the only logical solution that comes to mind is to find someone who shares your problem. This is when most people either turn to online ads or reaching out to friends.

"The Notion of asking for help from professional moving and storage companies”

Another option that people welcome is the notion of asking for help from professional moving and storage companies. When you have a business such as U.Santini Moving and Storage Brooklyn , with years of experience and the right facilities, finding someone to share a storage unit with comes easy. The only thing that matters is that you plan out everything in time and that you have a person you can trust to share the storage with. Once you have that, all other potential problems that might arise will seem much simpler.

Most common troubles when sharing storage with friends

Even if you decide that you have the right person(s) to share a storage unit with, there are certain situations you need to prepare for. This rule applies particularly for those planning to share storage with more than one other person. So,here are some tips on how best to prepare for sharing storage with friends:

#1: Make sure that you find the right storage unit for your need

Finding a proper storage facility and unit is not like grocery shopping. You can’t just walk into the first store and buy what you need. There are terms and condition you need to check, the type and size of storage that the facility offers, and of course, the rental price . Since you will be sharing storage with friends, it might be best that you take that friend with you. That way, when you hire storage services in New York City, you can do so with everyone involved on board.

Find a storage that fits your needs

Find a storage that fits your needs

"Take your storage partner into consideration ”

It’s always easier to share something that you both agreed on from the start than having to argue over the initial decision. So, take your storage partner into consideration when going off on your search for a new storage space.

#2: Organizing the storage unit

One of the most common issues people experience with their storage units is the lack of organization. Most people have a tendency to look at their storage unit as a second garage – a place where they can simply throw everything they currently have no need for. Only a few people actually take the proper time to plan out the layout and overall organization of their storage unit. And when sharing storage with friends, this is a necessity.

You don’t have to organize the entire storage – but it is important to keep your side or corner of the storage unit tidy. This usually tends to motivate your friends to do the same with their side. Less chaos means less chance of argument or injury.

Prepare to deal with the paperwork

Renting a legitimate storage unit from a licensed facility will require signing a storage rental agreement . Whichever one of you signs the agreement will be the person directly responsible for making payment and anything that concerns the storage unit. So, make sure to talk it over with your friend or friends and pick the most responsible person to handle this obligation. This doesn’t mean you should draw straws, but actually talk things over and weigh in which one of you has the most time and flexibility.

"Pick the most responsible person to handle this obligation”

Potential problems with security

When it comes to finding the ideal storage facility, security is everything. Even though you might not decide to store valuables, you friends might, so having a secure unit is of the utmost importance. And this is particularly vital when sharing storage with friends. You never know who will want to access the storage and at what hour.

Surveillance is an important part of sharing storage with friends

Surveillance is an important part of sharing storage with friends

"When it comes to finding the ideal storage facility, security is everything”

Luckily, most professional storage facilities are well-equipped to ensure maximum protection. These are some of the most common elements to search for in storage units:

  • 24/7 video and audio surveillance system
  • A security guard at the reception
  • A good access authorization policy
  • Fire protection measures

Once you’ve checked most or all of those from your list, you’ll be ready for sharing storage with friends. Or at least, you’ll be prepared for the more serious problems that might occur.

In conclusion

Now, you are aware of things that you need to consider before start sharing storage with friends. Keep in mind that these are not all challenges, but definitely are some of the biggest ones. Therefore, before you start looking for storage units across town, make sure that you are sure in your final decision.

Sometimes it is even better to pay more and use a storage unit by yourself, rather than having complications with your storage roommate. Even if you do not have problems with your friends while sharing a storage with them, poor security and lack of organization could give you a true nightmare. And that is the last thing you need while having your belongings stored away.

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