Sitemap – “Know-It-All” Your Index on the Go

The complete detailed structure for ad-hoc updating of status and type of Units, simple navigation tools to evaluate your search privileges, forecast opportunities and allows increased productivity and systematic management of your rental units.


Sitemap - Anchored information

The entire information of the Dashboard is not possible to be viewed at one go since it comprises of hundreds of pages technically linked and typically organized in hierarchical fashion in the form of Web page on a website, Sitemap harness all the information and presents it in the most convenient way.

Using Smart Filter Types

Smart use of the Filters options will accord advance options such as Overdue, Future Move in, Rented, Vacant, Unavailable, Scheduled Overdue feature to access specific information , information based on our search using the all the status of the above sub-filter options can be instantly viewed by selecting the drop down menu option against Filter By button.

Advance Search

6Sorage Sitemap contains an aggregate set of pages which is available to all clients and tenants. Sitemap usually is a method for Client to communicate the tenant the possibilities and probabilities of their Storage units.

At a glance, the viewer can tell the status of any unit whether it is occupied, rented, and accordingly, they can focus and post their queries

Clear information display

6Storage Sitemap offers the rental tenants opportunity to get clarity. Our site map shows you up in the relevant search results and uploaded and edited information as and when actioned without any updating hassle.


Edit Layout option

6Storage sitemap is operational with a spontaneous instinctual drag and drop feature that enables altering the arrangement of the sitemap in a fraction using a special feature Edit Only Check box. It allows you to add, control, edit or reorder blocks and units.