Whether you are looking for storage to store your belongings, or you are a storage owner, there are plenty of things to consider while acquiring a storage facility. This article will give you some insight on the important aspects of acquiring a storage facility.

Factors to Consider

While we can go into a lot of detail here, our goal is to first cover some of the basics. With that in mind, we will mostly talk about:

  • Location
  • Competition
  • Condition
  • Size
  • Climate Control
  • Access and Security


As with almost every other business, one of the most important things to consider while acquiring a storage facility is the location. Even though city center locations are always the most expensive ones, it is the most ideal location for self storages.

"if the storage facility is on the intersection of two main streets, that is the dream location."

Why is the location so important for storage facilities? First, it is crucial that the storage is visible to the people traveling by road. Second, think about access. Is it easily accessible from the main street or do people have to go through a lot of hassles to find your facility? Finally, think about the advertising signs for the facility, are they readable?

You will need answers to all of these questions if you wish to pick the perfect location for your storage facility.


Even though the location comes first, you must also think about the competition. If your competitors are in the centre of all happening, you will have to work a lot more to be competitive.

Furthermore, check the rental cost and the fees of your competitors. If they offer better prices than you, that will be a problem. In the end, it is crucial to check all the additional amenities they offer, like better security, climate control, various sizes and types of storage facilities, etc.


Researching your competitors will also come in handy when you start checking the condition of your storage facilities.

First, check the overall condition. If the facility is not well maintained, you will have to invest some money into fixing everything. The primary things to check are the roof, doors, gates, and cracks in the pavement.

"Since you will likely have to invest some money in the storage facility, make sure that it is worth it. "

Also, make a list of all the amenities that you have, like security cameras, climate control, access gates, offices, etc.

Furthermore, the condition is also important when you start thinking about how to manage your storage facilities. The better the state of the storage is, the entire process will be easier.


Another important factor to consider while acquiring a storage facility is the size of the rooms. One thing that will help you in this step is to decide whether you are looking for long-term or short-term storage facilities. You should always choose the size of the storage based on the targeted group of your customers.

Estimating the size is not that easy, but you have to think big here. If you are planning to grow your business, it is always better to overestimate in the start. If you acquire smaller facilities, you will not be able to make them larger later. Consequently, you will probably have to look for other locations to expand.

Climate Control

When it comes to making a decision about whether to add climate control to your storage facilities or not, it depends on a couple of factors.

Essentially, you must get back to your targeted group of clients. It all depends on what they are storing. Items like old books, antique furniture, wines, and anything that is sensitive to changes in humidity and temperature will require climate control. Next, take into consideration the temperature and the humidity of the area where the storage facility is located. Also, check if there are any major weather changes in the area.

Understand that climate control is expensive, so if you really don't need it, there is no reason to install it.

Access and Security

Even though I've briefly mentioned about access and security in other topics, it is crucial to spend more effort into the security details.

Access Time

First, storage facilities are divided into two categories -24-hour access and daytime access only. When people move, they usually want to pack up all belongings in no time and move them quickly in and out of the storage if needed. Think whether access restriction is an inconvenience for the clients or is the increased security worth it.


The storage facility and the outside access paths should be well lit. Still, you should try to preserve electricity consumption. Make a decision whether you wish to use motion sensors or timers, or if the lighting will be controlled by a switch.

"If you have a security guard on the premises, they can control the lights in your storage facility."
Fencing and Gates

All major warehouses have fences around them, and gates that require key access. These two security features cost a lot of money. Think about the level of security your customers require.

Surveillance system

If you are looking for ways to improve on-site security of storage facilities, having a good surveillance system is one of the key elements. CCTV cameras and alarms are a requirement of all modern storage units.

Fire and Pest Prevention

The last factor to consider while acquiring a storage facility is fire and pest prevention systems. Check if the rooms have smoke detectors and make sure to routinely spray for pests. If the belongings of your clients get damaged, that might potentially destroy your business.

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