First you need to know what RV boats require in order stay intact to in a storage unit. Because even a simple oversight can easily lead to damaged property and ruined storage units. Then you need to know how to organize your facility so that you can properly maintain your RV boat storage. Making a mistake in either of those cases can be quite costly, which is why we will go over in necessary detail below.

How to store RV boats

RV boats are much more similar to regular boats when it comes to storage. After all, most of their technology is oriented towards buoyancy and proper water navigation. That technology is then complicated with on-road capabilities. But, those don't pose much of an impact regarding storage.

One important thing to note is that the most prominent time for RV boat storage is during the winter. So, if you want to open an RV boat storage facility, fall is the best time for it. Most people travel with them during the warmer months of the year, since colder ones are a hassle to deal with at best. Therefore, most people choose to store their RV boats during the winter.

"If you are going to run an RV boat storage facility, keep in mind that winter will be your business time."

How to maintain RV boats during winter

Ensure the RV boat remains safe and sound during storage. Note that almost all the preparations of the RV boat should be dealt with by the owner. After all, it is the tenant’s vehicle you are storing. Here’s what you need to check for:

  • Check for damages. Any damage to the RV boat will only become worse if the storage period lasts for a long time. So, before you accept any vehicle into storage, make sure that it is in good condition. This is especially important to remember if you plan on providing storage insurance.

  • Make sure that the RV boat is clean. This means that any refrigerators, microwaves, and vents are completely clean. Also, you want to check for mold before storing it.

  • Make sure that the tires are good. Long-term storage can easily deflate or damage tires, which can cause an accident once the vehicle rolls out. So, make sure that the tires are in good condition beforehand.

  • Check the battery. The battery of the RV boat should be turned off during storage.

"In order to avoid troublesome customers and future headaches, check the RV boats before you store them."

The fact is, most of the maintenance process is similar to any other storage facility. You need to ensure that your storage units are in good condition and you need to provide the necessary safety measures. But, there are a couple of things that you need to address in order to maintain RV boat storage properly.

Preparing your storage for winter

As we mentioned, if you are going to run an RV boat storage facility, your business period will be during the winter. So, if you want to maintain RV boat storage, you'd be smart to first deal with certain preparations. Our advice is to schedule a major overhaul at the beginning of the fall. This should give you enough time to fix any issues and ensure that your facilities are good and ready for the winter months. Make sure that your heating system is working properly and you need to check your electrical system as well. Furthermore, if you plan on working with moving companies in order to make transposing RV boats easier, check out sites like Verified Movers in order to find reliable ones.

"Make sure you install proper insulation and the necessary ventilation systems in order to keep the RV boats nice and dry."

Proper maintenance

Once you store the RV boats into units, you will still need to check up on them. The more you can motivate the owners to check up on their RV boats, the less maintenance you will have to do. But, whatever the case, you need to go about your facility from time to time and make sure that everything is ok. A faulty unit can easily ruin an RV boat, especially if it exposes it to moisture during the winter. Therefore, do yourself a favor, and check all of your facilities at least once every 10 days.

Monitoring the weather

Depending on where you are situated, the weather can be quite calm and timid. But, some of our readers are situated in areas where storms and bad weather are present during both warm and colder months. If this is your situation, you will need to monitor the weather carefully. Know that protecting your RV boat storage facility against a storm will take a while. So, the more time you have to address it, the better the odds are that you will avoid a disaster.

Safety measures

It is very rare for thieves to try and steal RV boats. But, that doesn't mean that you can neglect the safety of your storage facility. After all, thieves can break in and steal items from RV boats, which makes it necessary for you to keep your safety system at a respectable level.

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