The best way to attract more customers to your storage business and increase the revenue is to offer storage facility amenities customers will pay extra for. This is a strategy that might give you an edge over competitor companies. After all, the main goal of every business is to solve clients' problems and provide value. Let's see how you can improve your storage business by adapting to your clients' needs and expanding your business offer.

Improved air conditioning

If your storage area is in a hot climate, you need to work on improving air conditioning. Customers do not want to sweat every time they visit a storage unit. Furthermore, some items are sensitive to high or low temperatures. While this is a form of climate control, we want to focus on providing clean and fresh air to the storage units.

Another reason why this is important is so that you can control the humidity inside. This will prevent mold from appearing inside the storage units. You want to create a healthy environment for your clients and protect their belongings from decay.

TIP: Climate-controlled storage units are in demand more than ever. By investing in this technology, you are investing in the future of your business.

Pest control is a must

Another common problem for storage owners is dealing with pests. Pests are a health hazard, and they may even damage your customers' belongings, which is simply bad for business.

If you do not pest-proof storage areas, you will quickly lose clients. However, if you complete this task, customers will gladly pay more if they know their belongings are completely safe.

Electronic gate access

Installing an electronic gate at your storage facility is an expensive project. However, since technology is advancing, and the whole business world focuses on automation, we must add electronic gates to the list of must-haves for any storage facility.

First of all, they significantly improve the security of your storage facility. A large gate that cannot be opened without an electronic key is an excellent way to provide additional protection.

Second, this makes access to the facility easier for your clients. An electronic gate is a feature many customers will gladly pay for.

Make 24-hour access available

While we are on the subject of accessing storage units, 24-hour access will definitely attract more clients to your business. People often have busy schedules, and they cannot visit the storage unit at any time.

All-day access means they don't have to plan their visits and change their daily schedule.

Furthermore, if a customer needs to get something urgently from the unit, they don't need to wait. If you are not working weekends, the customer will have to potentially wait for two whole days before accessing their belongings. That may create a bad experience.

Car access

A lot of people visit storage units with a car. This is especially important when storing large furniture or anything heavy. It is better if they can drive directly to the entrance of their storage unit, instead of having to carry heavy items.

TIP: Car access is a fantastic feature that all storage units should have.

Remote monitoring of storage units

If you allow your customers to remotely monitor their storage unit, they will gladly pay more. Installing security cameras everywhere is a must. However, you can additionally provide access to your customers so that they can see the security monitor video of their storage at any time.

TIP: The security of your storage facility should be your number one concern. If your customers do not feel safe, they will go elsewhere.

This is an excellent way to reassure your clients that the level of safety in your facilities is high. Furthermore, you are going above and beyond to give them full access to everything inside their storage unit.

Maintain an open line of communication with your clients

Besides the actual storage features, other elements of the business will make your customers gladly pay more.

Every storage company should keep an open line of communication with their clients. That means you need a phone line, email, a live chat option on your website, and social media accounts management.

Let your customers contact you in any way they want. You want to have a good relationship because that will make customers trust your business. Mutual trust is vital for reaching business goals.

TIP: Maintain good customer communication. People will value your business more if they connect with the people running it.

Customer support needs to be superb

Besides keeping open lines of communication with your clients, you also need to solve their problems as soon as possible. The longer an issue lingers in the air, the worse it is for your business.

Customer support needs to diligently work on solving any issues for your clients. Always answer any questions they have, and deal with negative reviews quickly. Try to right all the wrongs, and show your clients that you care about what they think.

These storage facility amenities will substantially improve your business

Even if it costs a bit more money to make these amenities available for your clients, it will all pay off in the long run. With that in mind, always try to:

  • control the quality of air, temperature, and humidity in your storage units;
  • improve on-site security by using advanced technology;
  • solve your clients' problems immediately;
  • impress your clients with 24-hour access, car driveway, and remote monitoring of their unit;
  • deal with pests in a timely manner, and keep your clients' belongings safe.

These storage facility amenities customers will pay extra for will improve your business in the long run. It is an investment for the future of your storage business. Stand out among the competitors and give your clients exceptional service they will never forget!

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