Many businesses struggle during the winter, and the self-storage industry is no exception. Winter is not the best time for decluttering, cleaning, home decorating, nor moving, which are the most common situations when people rent storage units. Such and similar activities are minimized, and the number of people looking for self-storage is significantly reduced compared to the summer months. However, it would not be fair to say that there are no customers on the market. You have to fight harder if you want to attract them to your facility. Managing a self-storage facilityin the same way throughout the year, for example, can be one of the reasons why your business is slower during winter.

Naturally, if you want to attract customers, you will have to change your game during winter and improve and optimize your offer. To identify the things you need to do, you need to ask yourself, what traits customers look for in winter storage units. We already identified the type of people renting storage during summer. Now, let’s look at what customers look for in winter storage units so that you can make the necessary adjustments and enhancements.

Which items do people store in winter storage units

Most of the time, people rent storage when they move, declutter, clean, decorate, and renovate their homes. Naturally, those types of activities are scarce during winter, so why do people rent storage at this time? What are they storing?

  • Summer clothes
  • Summer sports equipment
  • Gardening tools and equipment
  • Vehicles

Of course, these are just some examples of seasonal items people decide to store during winter. However, there are situations with relocations that are completely unexpected or other similar occurrences where people need to store all types of household items. So your storage facility has to provide perfect conditions no matter the type of item that is being stored.

People store all sorts of items during winter and your job is to provide them with the perfect conditions.

In winter, people search for climate-controlled self-storage

When we think of winter, the first thing that crosses our mind is the cold. That is also one of the main things that will concern your customers. If, for whatever reason, they need a place to store their items during winter, they will try to make sure that the facility can protect their items from cold and humidity. Naturally, the type of system you will use to maintain temperature and humidity levels depends on many factors. Still, offering your customers climate-controlled storage units is one of the best ways to attract them during winter months.

Keep in mind that temperature-regulated and climate-controlled storage units are not the same, and many of your potential customers know that. A temperature-controlled storage unit only maintains the temperature, while the climate-controlled storage unit maintains temperature and humidity. This can be a crucial factor for your customers when deciding whether to rent your storage unit or your competitor’s.

People know that humidity and condensation are especially problematic during winter months and that it is one of the main threats inside a storage unit. They want to make sure that they will not have such issues if they decide to trust your facility.

Convenience is one of the traits customers look for in winter storage units

The winter cold affects many things, one of which is our desire to do physical work. When it is cold outside and you are inside a warm and cozy home, the last thing you want is to go out and deal with your excess items. So what do people usually do in those situations? They rent portable storage units.

They want a storage unit on their front lawn and professionals to pack and load their stuff. This way, they do not have to bother with the cold, snow, physical work, transportation, etc. Portable climate-controlled storage units are what people look for in winter self-storage, and you cannot compete with your competitors properly if you do not have that option available.
In wintertime, customers look for convenience. Include portable solutions in your offer.

Including virtual estimates can improve your business year-round

During winter, when people do not want to leave their homes, they search for convenience. They want to do as much as possible without going outside, and virtual estimates can provide them with such expediency. Moreover, virtual estimates can significantly improve your self-storage business, no matter what time of the year it is. Yes, it is great when you do not have to leave your home during a winter blizzard, but customers appreciate this option in the summer months as well.

People will look for lower prices and discounts during winter

Affordability is another thing that people expect to find with winter storage units. People are used to winter and holiday discounts, so they spend a lot of time searching for storage units, getting estimates, and comparing. Many self-storage owners realized that they have to make appealing offers if they want to attract more customers during winter. Special deals, discounts, last minute offers, and low prices are what customers expect. Naturally, that is one way to remain operable winter, but you cannot operate in that manner throughout the year. If you plan to go down that road, make sure that you analyze everything and calculate when is the best time to raise prices to not affect the demand too much.

Start preparing for the winter on time

Improving your self-storage business is possible even when the conditions are not perfect. Learning about the traits customers look for in winter storage units is a step in the right direction. However, if you want to stay ahead of your competitors and continue improving your company, you will have to make certain improvements

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