Getting Started 6Storage

How To: Getting Started with 6Storage!


How To: Use the Sitemap

Manage Tenants

How To: Manage Your Tenants

Manage Leases

How To: Manage Your Leases


How To: Use E-sign

Apply Discount to Lease

How To: Apply Discount To a Lease

Generate Invoice

How To: Generate Invoice

Revenue Report

How To: Use Revenue Report

Compose Email

How To: Use Compose Email

Moved-Out Tenant

How To: Move-Out a Tenant

Merge Unmerge Invoice

How To: Merge and Unmerge Invoices

make Partial Payment

How To: Make a Partial Payment

Account Setting

How To: Edit Your Account Settings

Identification Details

How To: Setup Identification Details


How To: Edit Move-In Menu

Vehicle Information

How To: Add Vehicle Information

Void Receipt

How To: Void a Receipt

Void Invoice

How To: Void an Invoice

Void Lease

How To: Void a Lease

Unit Based Gate Access

How To: Add Unit-based Gate access code