Lucas is new to storage management software. Does he find value in it?

Lucas built Easy Storage, a storage facility of 32 units from the ground up. With 6Storage, he streamlined 100% of the payment process online and then he bought another storage facility of 20 units. The tenants paid rent by check and the facility had multiple lease rates. Then Lucas transitioned all the tenants to a common lease rate with online payment via 6Storage.


User Friendly Interface


Online Payment Process


Remote Facility Management

The Challenges Faced

While there are basic challenges like filling up units, staying on top of marketing and not having tenant turnover; Lucas lives 2 hours from the facility and he wanted to manage rental process without the need of onsite visits.

So we looked for a solution for 3 months. Our main concerns were user interface (ease of use for us and our customers), reliability and accuracy of the data and most importantly price.

6Storage has all the services I need in one package. Plus it has positive customer reviews and importantly, it costs less.

Since 6Storage Implementation

Now I do not spend much time on managing my facility. Everything runs smoothly. Even the 6Storage adapting phase was easy. “I use chat function quite a lot and there’s always someone there for me”. If support team cannot solve my problem immediately, they follow up with emails and do what they say.

Finally,“6Storage does everything for me, and the price is easily the best on the market. Doing everything I want quickly is my #1 priority”

Lucas’ Long Term Goals

I’m hoping to add a 2nd building at my newer location. I’m not worried about scaling up as it is easy to add units.