Affordable software to organize your portable storage container rentals

Stay organized to serve a large number of clients & keep track of your storage container rentals. One platform to transform your entire business operations online


Tenant management

Your tenants are the fruits of your business; 6Storage lets you manage tenant information of all your container storage locations: saved card details, lease history & more

  • See analytics on profit potential lead sources
  • Follow up with prospective customers & sort the best ones
  • Manage all tenant information from one place & universal search
Tenant Management
Software Customization

Container software customizations

Plentiful customizations to perform unique operations for your business and delegate tasks with custom user roles & grant access only to specific functions

  • Customize all documents with macros & native language
  • Customize tenant portal & the associated move in functions
  • Customize lease agreements for short & long term customers

Portable storage container rentals – easy management


Category - 1

Portable containers are taken to tenant’s place and left there until the end of lease period


Category - 2

Containers are taken to tenant’s place where he loads it. Containers are brought back to the facility/warehouse. Tenants can recall the container for a specified time period during his lease period


Category - 3(Coming Soon!)

Containers are taken to tenant’s place (location A) where he loads it. They are moved to location B as requested by the tenant

6Storage can facilitate operations for all these categories. See all software features and get a demo to implement the change in your business.

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A scenario portable storage container rentals...

Melinda, a new tenant, rents an on-site storage unit. The facility delivers the portable container to her location. She uses the container until her lease period

Now, in 6Storage software, you can allow your tenants to instantly rent the containers via mobile app (tenant portal API and Wordpress PWA plugin) and provide a positive renting experience.


Not only that, you can manage the entire lease operation and delegate tasks with location specific user roles, create invoices on buffer/recall operations & on rentals including additional services, transportation costs etc. and any other function you’d expect to find in a traditional self storage.

With 6Storage, you can facilitate storage operations:

  • Manage multiple facility locations

  • Trigger auto email/sms notifications

  • Facility sitemap to perform lease operations

  • Automate payments & invoices and track sales

  • Integrations for accounting, gate access & payments

Handle all the exhaustive & repetitive storage rental business operations without breaking a sweat

Dive into storage container software & find out how you can organize operations and focus on scaling your business effectively. Reach out for unique customizations

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