Pallet storage software Optimize storage & buffering

With so many pallets on racks 6Storage can efficiently track lease activity & find what you need at any given time


Make your business reach the highest level

6Storage can efficiently track lease activity and secure your warehouse

  • Secure warehouse

    Let gate access system handle security concerns over your entire warehouse and automate access. 6Storage integrates with major gate access systems & allows overlocking of units

  • Storage & buffering

    Simplify the process for your tenants to recall a pallet and keep them notified via email/sms. Set your preferred recall/buffer operations on 6Storage & get invoice with transportation costs

Streamline your pallet storage system with 6Storage software


Category - 1

Pallet storage boxes are taken to tenant’s place and left there until the end of lease period


Category - 2

Pallets are taken to tenant’s place where he loads it. The pallets are brought back to the facility. Tenants can recall the box for a specified time period during his lease period


Category - 3  (Coming Soon!)

Pallets are taken to tenant’s place (location A) where he loads it. Then the boxes are moved to location B as stated by the tenant

6Storage can manage storage operations & workflow for all these categories. See all software features and get started today

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A scenario on pallet storage system...

Anton, a new tenant, rents a pallet. He visits the facility to access the pallet. After loading, the facility moves the pallet to the warehouse. During the lease period, when Anton wants to regain access of his unit, he recalls it via tenant portal.

Now, in 6Storage software, you can manage the complete tenant activity, get the lease signed electronically, automate payments and trigger auto notifications for overdue tenants, create invoices on buffer period, additional services, transportation costs etc. and every other function you’d expect to find in a traditional self storage.


What if you have vault storage or achieve storage, or you don’t find software for your storage type? reach out! Because our software is flexible, we could integrate your workflow process in the software.

With 6Storage, you can manage pallet storage operations:

  • Manage lease & tenant information

  • E-sign lease agreement via email/sms

  • Automate payments & invoices

  • Trigger auto email/sms notifications

  • Add any additional services to reflect on invoices

Simplify all your complex pallet racking & operations with 6Storage software

See a live demo & find out how to facilitate pallet storage operations, and don’t hesitate to talk to a human for software customizations

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