Automate your RV storage facility with storage software

The key to freedom is automating your perfect RV storage business with one software solution that integrates with all the necessary tools to get things done & performs pre-planned tasks


One time setup

Setup your unit types and monthly payment type only once in the software and your tenants can rent the needed units via tenant portal and design the lease agreement for quick renting

  • Set up your facility details & tax information
  • Create & upload your own lease agreements
  • Customize required fields for move in & associated functions on tenant portal
One Time Setup
Management Tools

Management tools

Add any kind of custom services like wash and propane stations, vehicle prep and clean up services. Your tenants can choose the needed services before move in or even during the lease period

  • Add additional services, merchandises & insurances
  • Run custom discounts or promotions based on units or time period
  • Review sales figures on 28+ reporting & find key metrics to grow your business

Get automated

6Storage allows more unmanned operations together with gate access system integrations. Deal with delinquent tenants by restricting access to the facility

  • Added integrations to perform all the storage operations from one place
  • Auto overlock units all the unpaid leases & trigger auto email/sms notifications
  • Run your business smoothly without even visiting it in person & let software handle repetitive tasks

Say yes to automation & free your time massively while running your business

Take a look at all the other software features & see a 1-on-1 demo for a quick understanding of utilizing software for RV storage business

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