Self storage software to your rescue , Handle operations with ease

Traditional self storage facilities cannot achieve peak management results with Excel sheets or accounting software alone.


One dashboard – 360 view

See your facility status on one dashboard: payments made, list of overdue tenants on upcoming days, total units occupied/repaired, and customer conversion mediums

  • Lead source details
  • Credit card payments made
  • Overdue tenants, unit status & more
“Everything you need - all in one dashboard.” - Patrick

Integrations for added help

Gate access systems like PTI, accounting software like QBO, auto email/sms notifications are handled through one software – reduces time & effort in overall facility operations

  • PTI, 6Security, SC Solutions, QuikStor, Noke, Senitel gate access systems
  • QBO, Hogia and Getpayroll accounting software
  • Sendgrid to trigger auto emails and Twilio to use for 2 way SMS
“6storage has excellent service for integration with all gate access” - Ronald
Easy renting

Tenant portal – online move in

Your tenant will thank you for creating such an easy renting process, with the tenant portal API and an optional Wordpress PWA plugin to rent units via mobile app

  • Tenant portal without redirection with simple wordpress plugin
  • Seamless online booking
  • Allow your tenants to reserve and enquire
  • One click installation in the wordpress site
  • Translate to your own local language
“They have build our storage a seo friendly website which zoomed our business” - Kate Mark

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We got you covered on managing multiple locations, following up with new leads and many more functions

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