100% tenant renting satisfaction without you doing repetitive tasks

Simply automate all your vehicle storage operations, right from move in to move out and get payments on time with 6Storage

Move in

Intuitive sitemap & move in

Convenient unit move in by use of 6Storage facility sitemap and keeping delinquent tenants low to none by custom late fee reminders makes everyone happy

  • Setup all small to large storage spaces in the software
  • Create lease agreements for short term & long term contracts
  • Create additional services, dump stations charges & customizable discounts
Customer Centric

Customer centric tools

You strive to create a positive customer experience, and 6Storage helps you maximize your profit potential & anticipate customer needs with customizable tools

  • Wordpress PWA plug-in to rent units via mobile app
  • Upload vehicle license number, photo ID & other details before move in
  • Communicate with your tenants via email/sms & track lease activity

Unmanned operations

6Storage supports best integrations with various gate access systems, online payment gateways & accounting platforms. This helped our client, Susan to manage her truck storage unmanned, 800 miles from home

  • Secure your facility 24/7 with controlled gate access
  • Track unit status on sitemap from your desktop/mobile
  • Automatic payments, invoices & auto lock vehicle storage units
Unnamed Operation

Get ready to run business your way & satisfy your tenants’ need 100%

Minimize all your efforts to run the business unmanned with our vehicle storage software. Talk to a human for a live software demo

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