Pros & Cons of Manned and Unmanned Storage Facilities

Manned and unmanned storage facilities feature their own sets of pros and cons, but no matter your preference for managing your facility, 6Storage can help

Manned Storage Facilities

Manned storage facilities feature the best of both worlds. They can use technology for entry, payments, and more, but also have someone onsite to support customers and build relationships. They are available for any issues that arise and can perform maintenance tasks, sales calls, have someone available for reception, and help customers move into their units.


The personalized touch is great for building relationships, but it isn’t always necessary. Staff costs are high and many customers would rather use technology to manage their unit and have little to no interaction with storage staff.


Unmanned Storage Facilities

Unmanned storage facilities operate using exceptional technology. This can keep the operating costs down because instead of having a large staff to maintain one storage facility, a small staff can perform maintenance on multiple facilities whenever necessary. This results in fewer costs.


Having someone onsite to manage your storage facility can help foster customer relationships, but it is not always necessary. With the right technology, customers can navigate the facility and be satisfied with the online service.


Whether your facility is manned or unmanned, 6Storage takes the stress out of self storage operations with advanced features that are easy to use. We offer software options for both manned and unmanned facilities. Learn how we can support your business and schedule your live demo here.


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